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Corporate Events

Hosting Events at King & Bay

At King & Bay, our prospecting events redefine networking, offering curated experiences designed to elevate your outreach and foster lasting business relationships.

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A leading cyber security partner drove $6.8M in revenue by leveraging King & Bay events

  • ↑ 1.4xin average deal size
  • ↑ 135%in client retention
  • ↑ 325%in show rate

Do You Face These Challenges While Engaging With Potential Clients?

  • Distracting Venues:

    Events in distracted venues like sports games or dinners pose challenges for companies seeking one-on-one time. The dynamic and busy nature limits focused attention, creating difficulties in conveying messages and building meaningful connections. Noise, competing interests, and logistical challenges hinder relationship-building and exploring business opportunities, compromising effective follow-up and post-event connections.

  • Longer Sales Cycle:

    Large companies often have longer sales cycles with multiple decision makers involved at every level. This can impede business growth, creating challenges in moving accounts down the pipeline. Prolonged decision-making processes, hesitations, and extended timelines can result in delayed revenue generation. These sales cycles require more touchpoints and personalization to win clients over.

  • Low Attendance Rates:

    When companies encounter low attendance rates at their prospecting events, it presents a considerable challenge for those seeking to optimize engagement and impact. Traditional event formats, such as box seats at sporting events and fancy dinners, frequently struggle to draw a substantial audience due to their repetitive nature. The commonality of these options contributes to diminishing interest and hinders the ability to attract and retain attendees.

King & Bay's Strategic Solutions

Expedited Sales Cycle: Incorporating a strategic approach, our private events feature a custom clothing gift for each guest, creating additional touchpoints with your clients to facilitate deal closures. From the initial event to the delivery of the final garment, you have opportunities for subsequent face-to-face interactions with your clients.

Increased Deal Size: The tailored experience we offer often results in increased deal sizes as prospects are able to share more about their pain points in a intimate setting vs. other venues or virtually. This enables you to understand your prospects at a deeper level and sell more solutions to them within the same sales cycle. The combination of a private event setting and custom clothing gift naturally supports a more robust and lucrative deal-making process.

Increased Attendance Rate: When guests see our space featured on the invitation or RSVP pages, they recognize the uniqueness of the event and our opulent venue. The allure of our lounge and the custom tailored garment attracts a higher attendance, providing you with a valuable opportunity to engage with more clients.

Increase in Client Retention: Our strategic events and tailored gifts not only facilitate initial deal closures but also serve as ongoing reminders of your commitment to client satisfaction. By nurturing these relationships in an exclusive and intimate setting, we help solidify client loyalty, leading to higher retention rates and a stronger foundation for continued growth and success in your business endeavors.

Private Lounge Space: A private lounge space offers an exclusive and intimate setting, fostering deeper and more focused connections. It ensures personalized conversations, creating an atmosphere for productive discussions and lasting impressions on your prospects.

Past Events

  • Optiv x Crowdstrike x Zscaler Event
  • CFO Leadership Council Event
  • Women in Tech
  • Twilio Event
  • Aqua Security x Arctiq Event
  • Cisco x TD Synnex Event
  • Ingram Micro Event
  •  NHL All-Star Weekend Private Event
  • Second Annual Tech Industry Night
  • Quadbridge x Dell Event
  • CrowdStrike Event
  • AMS Wealth Event

Why Host a Prospecting Event at King & Bay?

Custom clothing is at the core of our business, serving as both our foundation and a key component of our business solutions strategy. The uniqueness of a customized garment ensures a memorable and impactful gift; it creates a connection and makes recipients feel valued and ensures you remain top of mind.

The King & Bay Lounge offers an opulent and intimate setting to connect with every guest. Unlike traditional business development methods like dinners or sporting events, our space is free from distractions, providing an ideal environment for meaningful engagement with each attendee.

Our commitment to building lasting relationships is evident in our approach, providing multiple touchpoints for meaningful engagement. The custom clothing gifting option opens doors to genuine opportunities, offering a reason to meet again. Personally delivering the final garments to your guests becomes an invaluable opportunity to nurture and strengthen relationships.

From exquisite hors d’oeuvres to premium drinks, seamless RSVP pages, and personalized service, we meticulously handle every detail. This turnkey solution ensures you can devote your time to nurturing relationships with your guests. It goes beyond expectations, providing a level of personal attention that elevates the overall guest experience.

Ignite business opportunities by hosting your event in our space to connect with prospects, or join our hosted events for introductions to potential clients. Our mission is to facilitate impactful conversations among key individuals, proactively creating connections that drive mutual growth and propel businesses forward.

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  • The food, drinks and location are amazing and the venue is perfect for networking with customers, prospects and partners, and I always get very positive feedback from everyone that attends. I have always considered King & Bay as a premier event space and they are very helpful in organizing the entire experience with perfection.
    Mark Quesnel, Area Sales Leader, Lacework

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King & Bay transforms gatherings into strategic opportunities. Our focus is on fostering impactful connections for your business success. With every prospecting event, King & Bay is your partner in creating lasting impressions, fostering meaningful conversations, and propelling your business relationships forward.