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Redefining Networking Through Sponsored Events

Posted Feb 26th, 2024 in Corporate Events, Events, Private Events

When the CFO Leadership Council expressed the desire to host an event for its members, King & Bay proposed event sponsorship to industry leaders Okta and Check Point. The evening included an incredible blend of networking, knowledge sharing, and insights into the ever-evolving intersection of finance and technology.

The CFO Leadership Council: Cultivating Financial Leadership

Established in 2006 on MIT's campus, the CFO Leadership Council originated as an intimate gathering of finance executives seeking meaningful connections. Evolving into a thriving community of over 2,000 members in Canada and the US, it serves as a collaborative brain trust. The CFO Leadership Council embodies a culture of collaboration, nurturing meaningful dialogues and enduring connection.

Advancing Businesses Through Strategic Collaborations and Sponsorships

The CFO Leadership Council convenes multiple times annually to deliberate on the challenges encountered within their organizations. Addressing concerns such as Cybersecurity and Identity Management, crucial for C-suite executives overseeing substantial data, the council facilitates valuable interactions. Partnering with industry leaders like Okta and Checkpoint creates an ideal platform for collaborative solutions.

Through the event sponsorship, Okta and Check Point aimed to showcase their solutions and demonstrate a shared commitment to addressing the needs of CFOs in safeguarding financial interests and mitigating risks. This collaboration represented a mutual recognition of the synergies between the companies and the CFO Leadership Council's objectives, creating a platform to highlight their combined expertise in operational efficiency and financial security.

Thought Leadership in Action: Okta and Check Point's Impactful Presentations

Stuart Pasternak, the Toronto Regional Director of The CFO Leadership Council, welcomed members and guests before the brief presentations. Angelo Valentini from Check Point and Joe Deklic from Okta, both with backgrounds as CFOs, captivated the audience with insights into how the role of a CFO must now extend beyond financial strategy to encompass cybersecurity and threat protection. Rishi Muchalla spoke further about Check Point’s products and their pivotal role in mitigating risks.

Elevating the Experience

Alongside the insightful presentations, attendees enjoyed a selection of delicious hors d'oeuvres and cocktails. To enhance the event experience, guests were offered a unique opportunity—a custom dress shirt fitting which offered a personalized touch to the overall business engagement.

King & Bay's Dedication to Cultivating Collaboration and Bridging Industries

This carefully planned event serves as a testament to King & Bay's commitment to cultivating collaboration. These strategic gatherings not only spotlight the strengths of our esteemed partners, Okta and Check Point, but also reaffirm our position as facilitators of meaningful connections. Our mission is to connect people and host events where professionals can network, share insights, and cultivate enduring relationships that fuel innovation and success.  

King & Bay's dedication to bridging industries is unwavering. As we propel businesses forward, King & Bay remains at the forefront of creating spaces where innovation and relationships thrive.

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