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Earl Misquitta, bespoke via Boston

Posted Jun 7th, 2017 in Business Style, Client Stories, Wedding Stories

Earl Misquitta's experience with King & Bay is still one of the best stories he tells... and one that we're still proud of.

We met Earl at a wedding – not his wedding, though!

We'd made the wedding suit for a friend of Earl's who was the groom. Earl was intrigued. He was getting married in 6 weeks and didn't have a suit yet. So, he struck up a conversation.

Earl 'floated' the question about timing.

Could we turn around a custom suit for a wedding, which was 6 weeks away?

This answer was yes, of course! It was a tight deadline, but at King and Bay, we are in the business of making style magic happen. And we love a challenge.

Then the day arrived.

Everything progressed well till the last week before the wedding. The suit was delayed by a day or two and Earl wouldn't be able to pick it up before leaving the country for the wedding, which was taking place on the east coast of the US.

Determined to make good, we decided on overnight shipping, guaranteed for a early morning delivery the day of the wedding. Then, the delivery company reneged and Earl resigned himself to wearing a back-up suit he had with him.

After a flight and a 3 1/2 hour drive, Earl's suit was delivered in person, by King & Bay.

We weren't willing to accept that we couldn't get Earl's suit to him on time.  So, we went the extra mile... or a few thousand miles.

We hopped on a flight to Boston and then drove 3.5 hour to a remote seaside inn to hand deliver the suit a few hours before the wedding.

Earl's exact words when we showed up were: "Holy batshit, that's insane!"   

Now Earl is a business man in bespoke.

Earl likes his image to be well put together. And with a non-traditional body-type, Earl always faced a challenge, even when he bought Hugo Boss. The shoulders were too tight or the waist too big or the fabric just not quite right.

When he tried his first King and Bay suit on, Earl couldn't describe the feeling. The quality and detail was second to none.  We spent all the time Earl needed to ensure that he was comfortable at every step of the way.

We knew this was a big investment for him, and it had to be perfect.

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