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Strength with style... that's Mike Thomson

Posted Jun 7th, 2017 in Client Stories, Personal Style

Let's face it. Anyone in our position would kill to dress a guy with a Crossfit body.

Here's a guy who likes to move, and who needs his clothes to move with him.

Anyone who knows a Crossfitter knows their bodies are athlete's bodies. They're built for power, agility, grace and movement.

Mike Thomson, owner of Corktown Crossfit in Toronto has all those attributes and more – which is why we love to dress him.

It also helps that Mike's style is very unique. He's not afraid of colour or patterns – in fact, he loves bold check patterns.

And he's certainly not afraid of standing out in a crowd.

With Mike, we've taken custom to a whole new level. 

Mike is our first client to own a King and Bay stretch jersey custom suit. Yes, you heard that right! Stretch jersey.

The King and Bay team designed a movable, breathable double breasted suit out of tweed 2 way stretch jersey to fit Mike's athletic build comfortably.

We're definitely seeing the start of a new trend here!

Mike Thompson, Lift Corktown Crossfit

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