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From frustration to happiness with King & Bay

Posted Jul 26th, 2017 in Client Stories, Recent, Wedding Stories, Wedding Suits

Sandeep Rai loves custom clothing, but was looking for a change – and our Master Clothiers were there to help.

We first met at the Lavish Dulhan Wedding Show and made a great connection right from the start. After chatting for a bit, Sandeep decided he liked what he saw and decided to give King & Bay a shot. 

Sandeep instantly fell in love with the way he feels in our brand and enjoys the fact that King & Bay helped him find his true style. We’ve collaborated together to find looks that suit his personality and make him feel confident in his role as a medical professional with On The Spot Pharmacy.

Sandeep also loves the fact a suit from King & Bay fit is better than anything he has ever experienced. He appreciated the meticulous process we use – which begins with the Master Suit – as well as our endless customization options.

In addition to inviting us to dress him for work, we also designed a suit for his wedding engagement party, and outfitted him for his sisters wedding. We’ve also had the pleasure of having him refer us to dress his sisters fiancée.

It's the beginning of a great relationship, and we look forward to continuing to help Sandeep express his personal style.

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Sandeep Rai Dressed in King & Bay