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A Beginner's Guide to Pocket Squares

Posted Aug 15th, 2017 in Style Knowledge


The belief that small menswear accessories – such as pocket squares – are difficult to wear couldn't be further from the truth. In the world of menswear, sartorialists see pocket squares as an essential accessory to complete an outfit.

Having said that, many business men who wear suits to work 5 days a week sometimes feel intimidated by adding a secondary accessory to their outfit after a tie. We can help reduce the stress

While they ensure an outfit is complete, there are many ways to wear a pocket square – here are our top suggestions.

[STYLE #1]

The Straight Fold

The straight fold is the easiest and simplest way to wear a pocket square.

Perfect to wear when using a white square with a contrasting colour tip, this way of folding should be done when paired with a bolder, patterned suit and jacket.

The goal of this fold is to help the lapels bring the attention to your upper body while not drawing too much attention to it.

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[STYLE #2]

The Puff Fold

One of the best ways to fold a pocket square is the puff fold which creates a great flare and pop to your square.

While the straight fold looks best when subduing a patterned suit with a simple colour and fold, this fold is the opposite. It is used to showcase a bolder patterned pocket square like paisley and geometric print.

The way to fold is simple.

Make a ring with your index finger and thumb, pinch and pull the square through the ring and fold it so there is a rounded edge and a tipped edge to showcase.

[STYLE #3]

The Pocket Circle

Looking to really add a flare to your pocket square?

Opt for a circle shaped "pocket round" which is one of the most trendy accessories.

These pocket rounds feature rolled edges that form a great flare in the pocket when folded,

Most patterned pocket rounds are also double sided, giving the round a dynamic multi pattern.

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