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Experience the Warmth & Comfort of a Custom Overcoat

Posted Oct 16th, 2017 in Style Knowledge


A Guide to Overcoats, Custom Clothing, Toronto

With the sudden drop in temperature lately, many men are starting to feel the initial effects of the fall weather. This is the perfect reason to invest in a custom overcoat.

Overcoats are the outer layer of your attire and should keep you warm and comfortable for these colder months. In this article we've selected the 2 basic variations to showcase, as well as a handful of details so that you may have a better understanding of what to look for in overcoats before coming in to customize your own.

[Classic & Timeless]

Single Breasted Overcoat

The most classic and timeless look is the single breasted overcoat. Simple, sophisticated and elegant, many men opt for deep navy, charcoal grey or black coats for a neutral tone to match any style. Camel is another popular option for a rich, sophisticated look.

If you are investing in your first overcoat, we would recommend a notch lapel and slanted pockets for a clean and versatile garment. The coat shown has a thick notch lapel for an elevated level of sartorial style.

Single Breasted Overcoat, Custom Clothing, Toronto

Double Breasted Overcoat, Custom Clothing, Toronto

[Stylish Silhouette]

Double Breasted Overcoat

The double breasted overcoat is a stylish look with more fabric coverage that provides a closer fit and more warmth. The overlapping fabric creates a leaner silhouette while the 6x2 button style lends a more detailed aesthetic.

Some double breasted overcoats may have more buttons and a higher button stance for more warmth and protection. The coat shown features patch pockets for a more casual look, however, there are plenty of pocket variations and details to add to a double breasted coat.

Take a look below at 4 simple examples of the vast variety of options for unique and stylish overcoat customizations.

Half Belt, Guide to Overcoats, King & Bay

[Half Belt]

Creates waist suppression for a lean silhouette.

Action Back, Guide to Overcoats, King & Bay

[Action Back]

Reverse pleated back seam for mobility and comfort.

Chesterfield Collar, Guide to Overcoats, King & Bay

[Chesterfield Collar]

Contrasting collar for a formal look and warmth.

Turn Up Cuff, Guide to Overcoats, King & Bay

[Turn Up Cuff]

A folded cuff for extra weight prevents buckling.

These are just a few examples of the many customizations you can add to your coat for a personalized and practical garment. The truth is that all of these details have a practical benefit to them that will help you stay comfortable and warm this fall/winter.

Remember that your image is a visual representation of who you are without saying a single word. By investing in a proper overcoat, you will be comfortable, warm and well prepared for anything this season.