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Why Should You Develop Your Personal Style

Posted Oct 30th, 2017 in Fundamental Style, Style Knowledge


How to Extend the Life of Your Suits

When it comes to defining their personal style, many men ask the question, "Why should I pay attention to what I wear?"

What you wear can dictate people's initial impression of you. This is why at the end of every article we publish, we close with the reminder that your image is a visual representation of who you are. Keeping yourself put together allows you to communicate a confident self image to those around you. It is important to look good and create your own personal sense of style.

Too often, men try to look like other people which results in majority of them dressing identical to one another. To truly stand out and differentiate yourself, you must break the mould and find a style that works with your personality, lifestyle as well as your taste and preference. 


'Me Too' vs 'This is Me'

When you look closely at these the terms 'fashion' vs 'sense of style', there is a difference that cannot be seen right away.

In contrast to fashion where everyone follows a designer's trends and decisions, having a sense of style is something much more personal to an individual. In short, fashion says 'me too' while style says 'this is me.'

Someone who dresses based on the fashion industry's trends isn't communicating their own image through their clothing, but the image that the designer wants to portray.

To give a simple example, if green is the colour of the season, it may look great on models walking the runway. It may look great on others wearing it. However, you should ask yourself if green compliments your skin tone, other items in your wardrobe and will wearing the colour fit into your daily life.

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Communicate Your Character

It is commonly heard that over 80% of communication is non-verbal. While non-verbal communication typically has to do with body language, facial tells, and tone of voice, we believe that your image also plays an important role in that equation. Before uttering a single word to somebody, they see you and make a snap decision of initial thoughts about who you are and what you are about.

Visual communication through your clothing has a large part in someone's initial impression of you, and it can be utilized to work to your advantage when they listen to what you have to say. People are more trusting to someone they believe is credible. The way you carry yourself and the way you dress can easily make that statement for you

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Determine Who You Want To Portray

The key is to develop a sense of style that showcases the image that you want to portray to others. Do you want to portray success, intelligence, or dependability? You can exude any or all of these characteristics through your clothing, and it will help you both in the workplace and socially. The most important thing to remember is that you should be portraying the best version of yourself.

Don't fall into the trap of trying to become somebody you aren't. For example, a deep indigo striped double breasted suit may portray the image of business success in the minds of many men, however this may not be the right look for who you are. If you don't work in a corporate environment, the suit won't be in line with your personal image and will seem like more of a facade in your own mind.

Develop Your Image, Custom Suits Toronto

Your image plays a much more important part in your life than you expect. In today's fast paced way of life, you pass by hundreds of people without ever uttering a single word to them. The question is, will you have the image that naturally draws others towards you so that you can achieve your goals? Discover how you can dress the best for your field and interests and determine what you like. Dive deep and study different garments, fits, styles, colours, and patterns to find something that will visually tell your own story.

Remember that your image is a visual representation of who you are, so when you start paying attention to it, your world will start to change.