Burlington realtor Michael Brejnik stands out with his colourful King & Bay wardrobe

Michael Brejnik, the top real estate broker in Burlington, Ontario, makes a statement wherever he goes in a custom wardrobe exclusively by King & Bay.

Michael Brejnik in King & Bay

Michael Brejnik lives to be bold.

Real estate agent Michael Brejnik is well-known in the Burlington, Ontario area, both for his excellence in business, and for the way he stands out in a crowd.

Michael loves to dress in bold bright colours and is not afraid of stepping – or in his case leaping – outside the box. And for many years, King & Bay has been his exclusive clothier.

As a top real estate broker in Burlington, Ontario, Michael has a well-respected, visible profile in the community.

In addition to his love of helping Burlington home owners buy and sell, Michael has a passion for fashion and cars. He is very detail-oriented and intentional about both the look and fit of his custom garments, and our Master Suit process is perfect for helping him to visualize every aspect of each garment he orders.

Michael is one of our longest standing clients and his entire wardrobe is from King & Bay – including custom shirts, suits, jackets, trousers and overcoats. 

We are honoured that Michael has chosen King & Bay and look forward to many more creative moments.

Michael Brejnik in King & Bay
  • Working with our long time client, Michael Brejnik, is always fun. Michael's love of colour and intention to stand out in any room he enters allows our team to be really creative in terms of fabrics and details.
    Michael Truong, Master Clothier

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