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John Chisholm does sophisticated business casual with style

Posted Dec 4th, 2017 in Business Style, Client Stories, Recent

CEO John Chisholm is part of the trend solidifying the movement toward more lenient corporate attire that includes custom sports jackets and trousers.

As CEO of SB Partners Accounting Firm in Burlington, John knows the importance of 'presenting' well.

At the same time, as an avid cyclist and traveller he often finds himself most comfortable in a slightly more casual look.

So, on the occasions when formal business attire is not required, John prefers clothing that is appropriate for business but makes him feel totally at ease in his outfit.

John is part of the corporate movement that is willing to step into a new paradigm with more casual looks that are still very professional.

He loves a wardrobe of staple blues and greys. But, rather than wearing suits, he's moving towards business-appropriate custom sport jackets and trousers.

In a nod to the traditional side of his persona, John may choose to dabble in checks and stripes, but always wants them to be more subdued.

At King & Bay, we are grateful for the opportunity to dress the CEO of SB Partners, considered one of Burlington's best accounting firms.

John Chisholm, CEO SB Partners, Burlington

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