Steve Cristini is one more reason we love Crossfitters!

Crossfit gym owner Steve Cristini is all about being the best version of yourself – and on his wedding day, a custom suit from King & Bay was part of his 'very best him'.

Steve Cristini, Crossfit Markham & Woodbridge

What Cristini Athletics does with workouts, King & Bay does with clothes.

Cristini AthleticsWhen you walk into Cristini Athletics – including CrossFit East Woodbridge and CrossFit Markham – you see members of every age, shape and ability.

You also observe that owner Steve Cristini and his team are incredibly supportive and welcoming – treating each individual member of the gym as part of their extended family.

The highly qualified professionals at Steve's gyms are devoted to seeing their athletes succeed. Whether you’re training for a competition or just trying to get fit, you’ll get unrivalled attention, dedication, and results.

In this way, we believe Steve runs his business from a very similar philosophical foundation as ours – committed to helping people be the very best they can be.

  • Steve came to us because he knew that we could provide a custom wedding suit perfectly fitted to his 'CrossFitter' body height and build. We knew we could make him look great, but these images with his beautiful bride confirmed it. We send our congratulations to them both.
    Sushant Vachhar, Master Clothier

Look great when it really counts. 

In Steve's wedding photos, you can see the passion he and his bride have for each other. It oozes out of them!

And, we were so happy to be able to make their special day that much more perfect with a custom wedding suit that fits Steve's body like a glove.

We, of course, love the challenge of dressing athletic bodies, and we try to match the attention they pay to their sports, with the same level of attention to the fit and details in their garments.

There's nothing better than knowing
that you are at your very best.

Steve Cristini, Crossfit Markham & Woodbridge

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