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Gary Chahal marries his beautiful bride in style and sophistication

Posted Feb 12th, 2018 in Client Stories, Wedding Stories

What a stunning wedding! Gary Chahal and his bride were the epitome of grace, class, and elegance.

Gary Chahal, Custom Wedding Suit, Toronto

Gary's engagement suit 'wowed' his guests so much that he asked us to design his entire wedding.

Gary Chahal is a guy who knows details. He is an engineer by trade, with entrepreneurial background in real estate investments. 

For his engagement to his beautiful bride, who is an immigration consultant, Gary asked us to design a raw silk suit with a velvet lapel.

Needless to say, he stood out – as the groom should – at his engagement party.

His suit made such a statement that he came back to ask if we would help with all his wedding garments.

We, of course, said yes!

Our Social Media 'breadcrumbs' led Gary to King & Bay.

Meeting Gary was a classic case of Social Media spreading the word. He heard good things about King & Bay from friend circle and was directed to our Instagram page.

There he saw a few things – actually more than a few – that sparked his interest.

Gary is a 'go getter' that thinks outside the box. He and his bride enjoy the finer things life has to offer – such as travel, rooftop bars, good food, good friends, and drinks (specifically 'Old Fashioneds'!)

Gary believes it is important to incorporate his personal taste in his look and knows he can’t get that off a rack. He values the creative process and the outcome of being 'original'.

And his style is now part our online story!


Gary Chahal, Custom Wedding Suit, Toronto


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