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Take Good Care of Your Custom Suit Investment

Posted Mar 1st, 2018 in Style Knowledge


How to Extend the Life of Your Suits

A healthy wardrobe takes time to build, especially when it comes to custom clothing – and you want to ensure that your investment lasts. Following a few easy care tips will help extend the life of your custom suits and jackets.


Steam Your Garments to Eliminate Wrinkles

Many men believe that dry cleaning their garment weekly is good. 

The truth is that dry cleaning is harmful to your suits due to the treatment and chemicals used in the process.

We only recommend to dry clean your suit when there is a visible stain that needs to be removed.

Invest in a steamer to remove wrinkles in your suit and ensuring your garment stays crisp.

Giving your garment a heavy steam will bring it back to life after heavy wear.

How to Extend the Life of Your Suits

Proper Care of Your Suits Will Extend their Lifetime


Invest in a Quality Suit Brush

Like leather, which is a natural material that requires care and maintenance, the wool of your suit requires care to stay looking its best.

Investing in a suit brush is a great way to get rid of dirt and dust particles accumulated throughout your day.

The best suit brushes have bristles made using natural fibres rather than synthetic. This gives a soft, fluid texture that locks onto the dust and lifts it off the garment without harming the fabric.

Brushing your suit at the end of the day will keep the fabric fresh.

Get started on your wardrobe with King & Bay. 

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Use The Right Type of Hanger

Many men don't pay attention to the hangers they use at home in their closet. Did you know there are types of hangers specifically for suits, shirts and trousers?

A suit cannot be hung on regular narrow shirt hangers as they will cause stress on the shoulder seams.

Instead, suit hangers are made wider to fill out the shoulders and allow the jacket to drape in its natural shape.

The best suit hangers are made from wood, specifically, cedar wood in order to absorb moisture and odour.

Proper Care for Your Custom Suit