In King & Bay, large scale land development project engineer Ashish Shukla emanates confidence

To ensure he looks every bit as professional as his responsibilities demand, Ashish Shukla has followed the lead of colleagues at C.F. Crozier & Associates who first introduced him to King & Bay.

  • At an early stage in his career, Ashish clearly saw the value of investing in custom to help his burgeoning career as a professional engineer. And it's paid off. In his custom suits and shirts, Ashish definitely presents a level of confidence that other young professionals envy.
    Hozefa Hararwala, Master Clothier

Stepping into Custom with Class

As a Professional Engineer with C.F. Crozier & Associates, Ashish Shukla works on large-scope, high-budget projects – a position which has kept him highly motivated  since graduating from McMaster University's Engineering Program. 

Ashish first stepped into the world of custom men's clothing with an initial purchase of shirts. Once he experienced how a perfectly fitting shirt feels, Ashish quickly moved into custom suits.

Working with Master Clothier Hozefa Hararwala, Ashish has developed a personal style that balances 'professional' with 'creative' – words that also resonate with his position as a Project Manager in an engineering firm.

Ashish collaborates with Hozefa to build his professional wardrobe, adding a few new quality piece each season. The result is a closet of classic garments, each with a creative twist that helps Ashish stand out in any setting.

As head of the Toronto office of C.F. Crozier & Associates, Ashish must nurture relationships with a multitude of clients and partners, while representing the vision, culture, and prosperity of the company. His King & Bay look helps him do just that.


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