Jay Arzadon's commitment to his personal style is equal to his commitment to his personal fitness

As the founder and head coach of Arzadon Fitness, a premium fitness studio in downtown Toronto, Jay has a fanatical commitment to personal fitness – both for himself and his clients.

  • I strength train religiously and therefore do not have the average physique to be able to shop off of the rack, especially when it comes to suits and dress shirts. King & Bay has solved those problems for me – and made me look better than I ever have before.
    Jay Arzadon, Arzadon Fitness

We love the commitment to excellence that Jay Arzadon brings to life.

Arzadon Fitness, Premium Toronto GymJay was referred to King & Bay at just the right time. He was asked to be the for his brother's wedding and needed a custom suit and shirt, to (in his own words) "look sharp for all those speeches and pictures."

Jay is the Founder & Head Coach of Arzadon Fitness – a premium downtown Toronto fitness studio who's motto is: We Make It Possible.

This quote, from the Arzadon Fitness website offers a client-focussed philosophy that is very similar to King & Bay (simply replace the concept of fitness and wellness training with personal style):

"Arzadon Fitness can be summed up in one word: possibility. We make it possible for our clients to achieve their dreams through the highest level of personal training and wellness coaching. Our clientele experience a network of fitness and wellness professionals who talk the talk and walk the walk. We eat, sleep, and think about health and fitness 24/7 and are driven by our passion in the work we do."

In addition to being a business man, Jay is father of two beautiful girls and husband to the "best wife ever." It's always a pleasure to work with Jay!

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