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Financial Services Executive Chad Alderson exudes confidence in a unique custom-tailored wardrobe

Posted Oct 15th, 2018 in Business Style, Client Stories, Custom Linings

Chad might be quick to describe his style as 'conservative banker' but we think it’s more helpful to imagine him as a Canadian Harvey Specter.

Chad Alderson, Custom Business Suit, Toronto

Taking a Lead from Suits

Much like his favourite TV character – Harvey Specter from the widely successful TV show SuitsChad Alderson exudes a sharp confidence. But, it’s clear as soon as you meet him that Chad is not your typical conservative banker.

As a senior Financial Services Executive based in Toronto, Chad is known as a a visionary with a keen ability to leverage technology as a means to accelerate growth and maximize profits.

With a strong sense of personal style, Chad steps out of the traditional 'banker's blue' mold and into a world where his look contributes significantly to his confidence.

Chad has been a customer of King & Bay for many years now. The clincher for custom was the precise tailoring of the first suit we designed for Chad. With a new found appreciation for how well a suit could fit, Chad couldn’t bring himself to wear the dozens of Harry Rosen suits still hanging in his closet. The solution? He donated them all to Goodwill!

Chad says that very first suit is still his favourite – he loves it so much that he’s almost reluctant to wear it too often!

The bankers look never looked better.

The Perfect Fit for a Fit Business Man

As an ex-cyclist and university water polo player, Chad makes time to keep fit by exercising around 16 hours a week – and 2 of those hours are often before 8am.

This lifelong commitment to fitness is another reason why the perfect fit of a custom suit feels so good. Men like Chad who are pre-disposed to athleticism know their bodies. For them, a well-tailored suit is like a second skin. And, in Chad's case, that skin can be as creative as a chameleon.

Chad has become a highly educated client – another thing we love about him! He can tell you his own measurements off the top of his head, and can’t help but offer other men advice when he sees someone wearing an ill-fitting suit.

Much like his inspiration Harvey Specter, Chad comes back to it being all about confidence. Balancing his professional world with his personal style, Chad expresses his individuality with interesting fabrics and well-selected accessories.

And when he walks into a room, people notice that confidence.

We applaud Chad's commitment to his personal style. 

Chad Alderson in a King & Bay Custom Suit


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