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Quality meets quality with Boi1da’s custom King & Bay jacket for the 2019 Grammy Awards.

Posted Feb 28th, 2019 in Personal Style

On Sunday, February 10, the 61st Annual Grammy Awards were held in Los Angeles, California. Toronto’s and our own Matthew Jehu Samuels (Boi1da) was nominated in six categories – going onto winning ‘Best Rap Song - God’s Plan’ and Best Urban Contemporary Album for ‘Carters’ on ‘Everything is Love’.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Jamaican-Canadian record producer Matthew started his now momentous career with only a Casio keyboard and FL Studio (formerly Fruity Loops). He has since then taken the global music and entertainment industry by storm with his new-age and memorable tracks.

He moved to Canada when he was three, and grew up in the North York and Scarborough districts of Toronto. Having worked with some of the world’s most established artists, most notably Drake, Rihanna, Eminem, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Nas, Lana Del Rey and Kendrick Lamar among others – his art speaks for itself.

When we first began working with Matthew back in 2016, we immediately knew he was the perfect embodiment of versatility and elegance. Building off of his art, we wanted to ensure his garments spoke to creativity and effortless style.

After thorough collaboration with the King & Bay team and going through numerous designs and fabrics, Matthew landed on a jacket concept that suited him perfectly.

Boi1da in King & Bay Tuxedo Jacket at the 2019 Grammy Awards

The Garment

Matthew came back to us in late 2018 with the goal of creating a garment which spoke to his continued success, aspirations for the future and his evolved personal style. This was a challenge we knew we had to take on and needed to be one step above.

This time around, Matthew left the decision on us after selecting his favorite fabrics from our collection.

The choice was simple – an iridescent midnight, gold and azure exploded floral silk jacquard.

The beauty of this fabric was that in different lighting, the jacket would shimmer in multiple tones – speaking largely to the multifaceted skill-set and nature of Matthew.

When Matthew put on his garment for the first time, we knew we struck gold.

From humble beginnings in Pickering, Ontario to winning ‘Best Rap Song - God’s Plan’ and Best Urban Contemporary Album for ‘Carters’ on ‘Everything is Love’, this milestone speaks to Matthew’s hard work, dedication and persistence over the years.

We here at King & Bay couldn’t be more proud and overjoyed. Congratulations!

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