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Managing Partner Saye Sathiyakumar makes lasting first impressions in a custom suit

Posted Mar 13th, 2019 in Business Style, Client Stories, Recent

Saye believes first impressions are lasting impressions. His approach to creating memorable experiences is looking confident and feeling good in a custom suit from King & Bay. 

Creating a Positive Experience

When meeting someone for the first time, we most often take seconds to evaluate and form an opinion; we size them up wondering if they are intelligent, charming, or likeable.

Naturally, we are making assumptions about a future encounter with this person we’ve just met, and judging whether it will be a positive or negative experience.

Create a positive experience with a custom garment.

Know Your Limitations & Overcome Them

Saye, Managing Partner at Power Tech Solutions, leaves no stone unturned when it comes to first impressions. With experience in the recruitment and staffing world, he’s asked countless times about his approach to making lasting impressions.

His advice? Own your personal style; invest in garments that make you feel confident and professional. With these in mind, you’ll leave a lasting and memorable impression.

While fashionable and on top of 'what’s hot', Saye prefers to focus on combining eye catching outfits and elegance. As the saying goes, feeling comfortable is half of what makes someone look good.

The King & Bay Journey

When Saye first came to us, he had two simple goals: to look good and feel good. Master Clothier Sushant Vachhar worked with Saye to select fabrics and styles which amplified Saye’s magnetic personality, and kept elegance in mind.

Rather than a traditional white shirt on a grey suit, we opted to dress Saye in a black turtleneck, which allows him to be formal or casual in any setting.

Versatility being the name of the game, a custom suit from King & Bay will be the perfect companion to classy evening dinners, important meetings, and adventurous weekend getaways – all while guaranteeing a good fit and memorable first impression.

At King & Bay, we're committed to helping you make a great impression with style that suits you.


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