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YouTube Business Partner Tim Lamch balances comfort with King & Bay style

Posted May 15th, 2019 in Client Stories, Personal Style, Recent

For Tim Lamch, comfort doesn't come at the expense of style. He believes that with the right approach, comfort and style are one and the same.

Conquering the Debate

With the rapid growth of the 'athleisure' trend over the past several years, more than ever, stylish men are finding unique ways to conquer the fashion versus comfort debate.

With custom clothing, they are proving that it's entirely possible to achieve both.

Looking good & feeling good go hand-in-hand.

There’s More to Style Than Comfort

Client and friend Tim Lamch spends most of his time on airplanes, visiting clients, and coaching small businesses to bridge the gap between service and customer relationships on digital platforms.

An avid traveller, Tim hunts for the balance between style and comfort. His journey led him to King & Bay, for custom clothing which not only presented him in the best light, but was also versatile, comfortable, and amplified his personality.

Looking good and feeling good go hand-in-hand. Tim is a believer in knowing the situations you’ll be putting yourself in, and dressing the part.

Versatility Redefined with King & Bay

Working with Master Clothier Hozefa Hararwala, Tim knew that his garments needed to be perfect for both casual and formal settings; and with a unique lifestyle, it meant that a custom garment was the only way to go.

For travellers needing to dress the part for an important meeting, try a drop crotch, which combines comfort with versatile fabrics - perfect for those long plane rides.

To up your game for an elegant evening, try adding a custom bibbed lining and pop over collar on your velvet blazer for added comfort, element protection, and the ability to mix between a jacket and overcoat.

Leave no stone unturned with a custom garment - perfect for any situation life throws at you.

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