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Global data management company Teknicor hosts a private sales event

Posted Jan 29th, 2020 in Events, Private Events, Recent

After the presentation, guests mingled, enjoyed an exclusive whiskey tasting and were fitted for the gift of a custom shirt.

When Clarity of Thought Finds Flawless Expression, Innovation is Unleashed. 

These words express the vision behind Teknicor, a global provider of Core Infrastructure IT Solutions specializing in Data Protection.

Teknicor held this event for senior IT leaders to provide an informative and educational session on available technologies that will act as a last line of defense in the event of a Ransomware intrusion.

Teknicor Logo

It was a perfect fit for Teknicor. 

The Custom Gift

After a presentation by our Master Clothier Aashif Jamani, each guest was fitted for a custom shirt.

The Whiskey Nosing

Then, to elevate guest experience even further, Tom Vanek of Vanek Whiskey provided a premium nosing tasting with five carefully selected bottles.

Tom regaled with stories about the world's finest whiskeys and guests sampled some of the finest.

another Extraordinary experience.

Private Whiskey Tasting with Tom Vanek at King & Bay

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