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Custom Barrister's Jacket

A custom approach to courtroom attire gives today's lawyer the required balance between traditional requirements and the perfect fit.

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Courtroom Style With a Custom Fit

In virtually every courtroom worldwide, barristers must be attired properly in order to be heard by the judiciary.

Historically, the design and styling of legal jackets and robes has changed over the centuries – however, interestingly enough, current attire requirements date back to the 17th century.

Human Rights Attorney Gabriel Latner came to us with the challenge of creating a custom barristers jacket for his slim stature and height, rather than picking up his legal attire at a 'trade' retailer.

Working closely with Gabriel, we created this barrister's 'waistcoat' jacket – tailored in the traditional style, but designed for today's high profile, fast moving legal profession.

The result? Gabriel feels much better in his custom barristers jacket. And that translates into a different type of confidence.

In the courtroom, confidence is everything.