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Custom Suits for Grooms & Wedding Parties

Custom Wedding Suits, Toronto Menswear

From the first measurements to the final look, both you and your bride will be impressed with the custom wedding suit experience at King & Bay.

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Custom Wedding Suit at King & Bay Toronto

Your Suit Should Say 'I Do', Even Before You Do

If there is a significant point in life when it's important that you feel fabulous and look your very best, your wedding – the day you say 'I Do' to your life partner – is it.

We know how much time and effort our clients invest in organizing the details of their wedding. It can be daunting. And as a groom, the last thing you want to worry about is what you will be wearing .

At King & Bay, wedding suits are a speciality. When you select us to design wedding suits for you and your groomsmen, we provide guidance every step of the way. We make it easy. We make it enjoyable. And we help you create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. 

Whether you're looking to make a standout statement, or simply want to make your partner happy, we'll follow your lead to design the perfect custom suits for your wedding party.

With virtual consultation options, as well as our private lounge at your disposal, we can work with you and your wedding party individually or as a group,  in person or remotely.

Design. Details. Handled.

  • This was a great wedding to work on – Anthony and his groomsmen looked stunning in their custom suits. The play of lighter blue for Anthony and darker for his groomsmen perfectly complimented the gorgeous dress worn by his beautiful bride Kristen.
    Michael Truong, Master Clothier

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The Exclusive Wedding Experience at King & Bay

One of the unique benefits of working with King & Bay is our ability to turn the design of the suits for your wedding party into a special event. 

We can host you and your bride  – or your entire wedding party – for a curated experience like no other.

Whether in person at our stunning private lounge in Toronto, or through our unique virtual consultation process, we can help you and your bridal party celebrate this stage of your wedding with a private event that includes catered amenities alongside the custom wedding suit design.

Essentially, because ours is a completely custom offering in an exclusive setting, the possibilities are endless. Bring us your vision – for both your wedding suit and the process – and we'll help bring it to life. READ A FEW STORIES ›

The consultation is complimentary, so we hope you get in touch as you start to plan your wedding look. 

Imagine a curated custom clothing experience created uniquely for you and your partner.

Custom Wedding Suit Design Toronto

Get Your Custom King & Bay Wedding Look

It's your day – and your look should be uniquely yours. We can make it happen with endless possibilities for your custom wedding suit.

Double Breasted
Wedding Tuxedo

The Double Breasted Tuxedo has been a new look men have been asking to wear for their weddings. Double breasted is a fantastic cut as it allows for a slimmer silhouette that highlights and broadens the shoulders. Finished in a Blue Silk, this double breasted tuxedo is a new take on a classic.

Classic Ivory
Smoking Jacket

Ivory has been synonymous with weddings for as long as we can remember and men have been quick to start incorporating it into their own wedding outfits. This Ivory Jacket is as elegant as you can get for your wedding look.

Midnight Navy
Smoking Jacket

A Smoking Jacket has been a popular choice by grooms to wear for their weddings. This Midnight Navy Smoking Jacket features a very subtle jacquard pattern that is visible in evening lightings at the right distance. Paired perfectly with a midnight navy bow tie and a white shirt with blue swarovski crystal studs, this outfit is perfect for a wedding any time of the year

Teal Velvet
Smoking Jacket

Velvet has always been linked to formalwear and it has been a fantastic choice for men to wear during their winter weddings. This outfit features a twist as the velvet jacket is layered with a teal blackwatch plaid vest. The result is a stand out look for a wedding

Chocolate Brown
Formal Suit

Men have often opted for outfits that can be worn after their weddings. This formal wedding suit is a twist on traditional black tie attire. Unlike a formal tuxedo, this suit doesn’t feature a satin lapel, however it has fabric covered buttons to aid in the formality. Paired with a chocolate brown cummerbund and velvet bow tie, this suit is a great formal look.

Ice Blue Jacquard
Smoking Jacket

Ice Blue is a fantastic tone to wear for both a summer or a winter event. A lot of men have been opting for the traditional tuxedo for their ceremony and switching outfits like this Ice Blue Jacquard for their reception. 

Forest Green
Jacquard Suit

For the fashion forward grooms, a full suit in a formal pattern is a bold statement to wear for their weddings. This geometric patterned forest green suit is subdued by pairing a black shirt and black bowtie for a modern and unique wedding look.

Scarlet Cheetah
Smoking Jacket

For grooms who want to stand out at their weddings, bold smoking jackets are a fantastic option. This Scarlet Smoking Jacket features traditional frogging closure, velvet cocktail cuffs and a velvet shawl lapel for a stand out look.

Blue 3 Piece
Formal Suit

A classic look that men have opted for their weddings is a formal blue 3 piece suit. Paired with a white formal shirt and Silver Silk Garza tie, this wedding outfit is sure to stand the test of time and will always remain a classic.

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