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King & Bay Virtual Style

King & Bay Virtual Style is an unrivalled digital custom and bespoke clothing experience, where luxury menswear is fashioned remotely. 

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Design and construct distinctive custom clothing with your dedicated Kingsman in an exclusively curated digital environment. Utilizing sartorial expertise, your Kingsman will ensure refined sophistication and luxury menswear are delivered from a distance.

Virtual Style at King & Bay

We invite you to explore the flexibility, creativity, and convenience associated with King & Bay Virtual Style: 

  • Meet when it fits your schedule.
  • Simple and easy browser-based videoconferencing.
  • Receive a virtual consultation measuring kit.
  • Step-by-step guidance for taking measurements.
  • Our full library of fabrics, linings, and styling options.
  • Personalized design consultation with your Master Clothier.
  • The guaranteed fit of our Master Suit process.

Whether you're new to King & Bay or a valued returning client, our Virtual Style process will guide you through each step of the creative process to your new look.

Discover curated convenience without sacrificing quality or style.



How the Virtual Style Process Works

It's easy, convenient, and creative. Browse our FAQs for more details ›

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Complete the form below or give us a call and a King & Bay Master Clothier will be in touch to discuss your goals and your style preferences. At this time, we will book your first remote consultation.

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First Consultation

We will prepare ideas and fabric samples to present to you, providing a range of style options for you to consider. If you are a new client, we will also guide you through the measurement process.

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Master Suit Fitting

For new clients, we will construct a Master Suit – your own personal 'master pattern'. During our second consultation you will try on your Master Suit so we can make adjustments for the perfect final fit.

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Step Out In Style

After your new garments are delivered to your door, your Master Clothier will book a final remote call to ensure that you are satisfied with the look and feel of each or your new garments.

Try our virtual style consultation on for size. 

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Remote Ordering for Custom Menswear

Convenient. Custom. Creativity.

The King & Bay Difference

With King & Bay Virtual Style, you get the convenience of online shopping, with the personalized attention of our Master Clothiers. 

This is not a limited 'one-style-fits-all' offering typical of a more traditional online store. Rather, it is a curated, custom process where we collaboratively design unique garments perfectly suited to your personal style.

This process gives us the option to work together remotely, while delivering the quality and customized attention to detail you expect with every custom garment from King & Bay.

Explore The Details

The King & Bay Virtual Style offering works for both returning and new clients.

For returning clients for whom we have measurements on file, we can jump right into the fabric selection and design process on the first call.

If you are a new client, we will get your measurements during the first consultation in tandem with the design discussion.

What happens during the pre-appointment call?

Your Master Clothier will ask you a few quick questions to help him prepare for the virtual consultation.

  • What item(s) you have in mind.
  • The timeline of any specific events you might need them for
  • The current state of your wardrobe and personal style.

During the first call, we will also set the date and time for your first virtual consultation.

What do I need to prepare for my virtual appointment?

You will need:

  • A smartphone or laptop.
  • A friend or family member to assist with the initial body measurements.
  • A flexible tape measure – which can be purchased at any dollar store or sewing supply shop.

How much time does a virtual appointment typically take?

We suggest you plan for 1 - 2 hours.

Based on the information he gathers in the first phone call, and the number of items you have in mind, your Master Clothier will provide you a more accurate time estimate.

Can we use software other than Google Meet?

While we prefer to use Google Meet, other platforms such as Skype or Zoom are also possible, upon request.

How To Join a Google Meet Call ›

How are measurements taken?

Your Master Clothier will guide the friend or family member assisting you through each step of the measurement process.

Where needed, he will reference instructional videos to show precisely how the initial body measurements are taken.

For first time orders, the initial measurements will be used to create a Master Suit which will act as your personal customized 'pattern'.

What is a Master Suit? How does it work?

A Master Suit is the first garment constructed with a customized pattern uniquely yours – with all details based on your measurements, posture and preferences. 

It is a step we take to ensure we have the perfect fit before we cut the fabric for the garments you are ordering.

Your Master Suit will be made with a lightweight cloth. It will be shipped to you prior to the second virtual consultation meeting.

During the second meeting, you will try on the Master Suit and we'll work with you to analyze the fit. This will inform any necessary adjustments to fine-tune your pattern.

This adjusted pattern is then used to create your final garments.

What if the final garment still needs adjustments?

In some cases, due to variances in how different fabrics hang and perform, there may be minor alterations necessary on your final garment.

King & Bay will be happy to reimburse you for up to $000 worth of alterations at any local alterations tailor.

Simply ask them to provide you with a record of the changes made to forward back to us along with the invoice.

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Complete the form below and we'll be in touch to get started with your King & Bay Virtual Style consultation. Prefer to call?