The Essential Work Suits to Have in Your Closet

POSTED BY: Aashif Jamani

Dressing for work has always been a challenge for men. Wearing a suit, shirt & tie 5 days a week takes a well-balanced wardrobe. Having the following 5 essential business suits at your disposal will make daily dressing virtually effortless. 

When we say well-balanced, we simply mean that whatever you combine from your closet should work together without thought put in. Your closet should be as simple as picking any suit, shirt, tie and pair of shoes from the pile and rest at ease knowing you look well put together.

The key starting point of creating this well-balanced work wardrobe are creating a solid rotation of "Essential Suits". These suits should be looked at as basics in your wardrobe, meaning that at any given point in time, you should have these in your closet.

Essential Navy Work Suit for Men, King & Bay Toronto

1. Navy

The basic navy suit is the most essential suit in a man's wardrobe. It is dark, dressy, simple and has the unique ability to be paired with virtually any shirt and tie.

The reason it is the most essential is due to its extreme versatility.

You will never be seen as overdressed or underdressed when you wear a navy suit because it can be worn dressed up or down depending on what you pair with it.

  • The key to the navy suit is that it doesn't stand out at all. It is subtle and sophisticated, to the point where if you wear it 2 days in the same week, your colleagues and clients will not realize it.
    Aashif Jamani, Master Clothier

2. Charcoal Grey

The charcoal grey suit is another extremely versatile suit for work due to its dark, dressy and subtle nature.

Interchangeable with the basic navy as your first essential suit, it can also be paired with a large variety of combinations, from simple solids to pattern mixes, and many more.

  • The charcoal suit is also one that doesn't make a bold statement. Aim for a subtle and sophisticated fabric that will make it easily wearable with a wide ranges of patterns and colours, and on multiple days in the week, if necessary.
    Aashif Jamani, Master Clothier

Essential Charcoal Work Suit for Men, King & Bay Toronto

Essential Medium Blue Work Suit for Men, King & Bay Toronto

3. Mid Blue Pattern

The third basic suit in your wardrobe is a mid blue patterned suit. The addition of a subtle pattern in your suits adds depth and more variety to your wardrobe. We chose to show a mid blue suit with a subtle stripe as a dressy look for the office, however, it can also be replaced by a mid blue check suit if need be.

  • The medium blue patterned suit is a great look for a meeting or presentation due to the pattern attracting attention more than a basic navy or grey. It still has an aura of professionalism, but is a tone up from the subtle solid suits.
    Aashif Jamani, Master Clothier

4. Mid Grey Pattern

For your fourth essential suit in the wardrobe, we recommend the mid grey pattern suit. We chose to add a check, however this can be interchanged with a stripe if it suits your preference. To add more depth and variety into your closet, we recommend that you choose different patterns for each patterned suit in your wardrobe, meaning that if your mid blue pattern is a stripe, opt for a mid grey check. If your mid blue patterned suit is a check, opt for a grey stripe.

  • The medium grey patterned suit in is a slightly more staid version of its blue counterpart, but nonetheless features an understated edge that will make colleagues and clients take a second look.
    Aashif Jamani, Master Clothier

Essential Medium Grey Work Suit for Men, King & Bay Toronto

Essential Power Suit for Men, King & Bay Toronto

5. The Power Suit

The power suit is a suit you wear for any important meeting or presentation. This is your closing suit, the suit that you wear with confidence, showcasing your inner gentleman. We chose to show a classic, yet bold double breasted indigo stripe suit. The difference in this suit is in the details. It is made with a more luxurious fabric, with a subtle sheen, it has a broader, wider peak lapel and features a unique double breasted closure.

  • Details matter, especially when it comes to a power suit. This suit accentuates your shoulders & chest while also slimming down your waist, utilizing both the much broader peak lapel and tapered waist in the double breasted closure
    Aashif Jamani, Master Clothier

While many men struggle in this day and age to dress appropriately for work, with these 5 suits, you can rest assured that you are well put together and not have to worry about finding what to wear in your closet. 


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