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How to Dress For a Summer Night Out

Posted Jun 14th, 2017 in Spring & Summer, Style Knowledge

POSTED BY: Aaron Ignacio

Summer is the season to be out and about, and having a few easy-to-put-together pieces for the evening helps you transition from your daytime look.

Often, men find it incredibly difficult to dress for a night out whether it's out for dinner, evening patio drinks at a lounge or a fun night on the town.

If shorts and a t shirt are too casual for their night, they constantly find themselves frantically searching through their closet for the most decent fitting button down shirt  and slacks to pass for a suitable outfit.

The truth is, it shouldn't be this difficult to look stylish for a night out.

The key is to think smart casual rather than casual.

In the summer it's hard to think about wearing anything more than a t shirt & cargo shorts, however, this article presents 3 great casual looks for a night out that won't have you sweating.

Summer Clothing, Custom Menswear TorontoLook #1

Linen Jersey Jacket, Indigo Seersucker Polkadot Shirt, Dark Denim

If you're going out somewhere that requires you to dress smart casual (restaurant, bar/lounge, etc.), we would suggest a look as simple & clean as this. A breathable linen jersey stretch sport jacket, unlined with minimal structure is a perfect leisure blazer. The jacket is made to blur the lines between sport jacket & cardigan as this feels like a solid crossover. Don't worry about it being a second layer, as it breathes to feel weightless. Pair it with a featherweight summer sport shirt like this indigo seersucker polkadot shirt & you are on your way to a stylish look. We would recommend dark denim or cotton trousers along with a pair of casual suede loafers or minimalist sneakers for a clean, sophisticated image.

Look #2

Floral Linen Short Sleeves Sport Shirt, Casual Cotton Trouser

For a more casual environment, we present to you, the ultimate summer shirt. This cerulean & white linen floral shirt is a stylish piece to wear for an evening backyard barbecue or house party. While the short sleeves make this shirt more on the casual side, the pattern adds depth to the shirt and helps you stand out. Linen is a phenomenal shirt for the summer as it is the most breathable fabric and allows for effortless style. While this shirt, at first glance, looks busy, it actually is quite versatile to pair with multiple trouser colours and shoes due to the neutral blue colour hue.

We suggest pairing this shirt with a pair of cream cotton/linen blend trousers. These trousers are incredibly light weight and are best paired with either minimalist sneakers or loafers. The cream colour is a basic in any man's summer wardrobe and, in the proper setting, looks phenomenal with the bottoms rolled up for a more laid back look. Casual trousers like these should be seen as on par with denim to be your go to style. They are lighter weight, and are just as versatile as your favourite pair of jeans.

Look #3

Casual Cotton Shirt, Linen Shorts

Rather than a simple t shirt and cargo shorts outfit for a casual night out, we chose to show a cotton shirt with a subtle print pattern. The neutral white & blue colour scheme allows this shirt to be worn in various settings during the day or night. The cuffs have a contrast interior, allowing for a great look when they are rolled up. Wear this for any casual patio or beach night.

To pair with this stylish white shirt, we chose these clean navy linen trousers. Notice the trousers have no belt loops. Instead, they feature side tab adjusters. This is to create a neat look around the waistline rather than having an indent in the shirt due to a belt. These trousers are perfect to pair with loafers for a simple, sophisticated casual look.

Whatever activity you decide to do on these warm summer nights, remember that your image represents who you are and you never really know who you might bump into. The outfits listed in this article give you a great example of what to wear for any activity during this season.