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Spring Is Coming: Is Your Wardrobe Ready?

Posted Jun 14th, 2017 in Spring & Summer, Style Knowledge

POSTED BY: Aaron Ignacio

When spring arrives, it's time to ask yourself what missing in your wardrobe or how one more great piece can give you a fresh new look.

With the temperatures rising again and the days getting longer, it is time to put away the winter wardrobe and bring out the lighter weight pieces. With this comes the time of 'spring cleaning' – a process men rarely enjoy.

It’s the time to look at last year’s spring/summer clothes and assess whether or not they need alterations or replacing. If they don’t, it will be time to ask yourself what you need to add to the wardrobe or what is missing.

Despite the end of winter being late this year, the weather networks are predicting yet another long hot summer – so it’s safe to say that you will be needing a solid rotation of stylish, comfortable and lightweight pieces.

Light Spring & Summer Menswear Fabrics

The best way of staying cool in the heat and still look stylish this spring is to opt for light weight cloths and brighter colours.

Light weight wools are a great starting off point and are perfect to use for work as they can be crafted in work appropriate colours and patterns, yet have the ventilation needed for the warm weather.

If you already have your work wardrobe basics (navy, charcoal, mid blue pattern, mid grey pattern) opt for lighter alternative colours like a cerulean blue, light grey more colour tones.

This season, forest green is a growing trend, along with tan.

Spring & Summer Wardrobe IdeasOnce the warmer temperature hits, sport jackets are great options.

Wool and silk blends are amazing fabrics to craft sport jackets because they have an amazing feel and are virtually weightless.

Linen is another great fabric to consider due to the fact that it is the most breathable fabric out there and has the ability to absorb and lose moisture quickly. Some of the concerns people raise when considering linen for a suit or sport jacket is the wrinkling, however, the wrinkles are what give the outfit personality. It shows a more casual, laid back look. A dishevelled elegance unachievable by any other fabric.

Sartorially, we look toward the weight of the cloth to traditionally tell the difference in seasonal garments.

However, when you take the weight, colour and construction of your custom garment into consideration, we guarantee that you will turn heads in the best way this season.

Our team will be posting many upcoming blogs soon diving much more in depth to Spring/Summer's various style tips on looking your best at the office and in daily summer fun.