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Where's the 'Power' in a 'Power Suit'?

Posted Jun 14th, 2017 in Style Knowledge

POSTED BY: Hozefa Hararwala

From Wall Street's Gordon Gekko, to Suits' Harvey Specter, strong men all have one thing in common – the power suit.

Investing in a Power Suit, Toronto Custom Suiting

The Power Suit & Your Image

What exactly is a 'power suit'? In this day and age, a suit is often seen as nothing more than a uniform worn by business men. However what many men don't realize is the impact that looking good makes in the boardroom or in an important meeting.

Your image is a visual representation of your character. It tells others who you are without saying a single word. This is why influential TV and Film characters are presented wearing dominant power suits. Before you watch a single minute of the film or show, you see a poster or billboard advertisement. Immediately you will identify these characters as a "boss" type figure.

This visual representation is just as important in daily life as it is in TV and Film. By putting on a well tailored suit to a meeting, whoever is in the room will subconsciously identify you as the dominant figure. In their eyes, you are in control. Maybe not on the surface, but your image will affect their mentality and what think of you.Here are 3 simple ways to style your suit to make an impact.

The King & Bay Power Suit, TorontoHow to Power Up

Our King & Bay Master Clothiers have more than a few suggestions on how to power up your look. Here are just a few... for more, please get in touch!

1. Add a Vest

The quickest way to make your suit stand out in a work environment is to add a vest. A 3-piece suit always makes a statement, as it shapes your waist and draws more focus toward your chest.

Visually, this makes you look broader across the chest and shoulders, and gives you a taller, more upright posture.

2. Wear Classic Colours

Sometimes simple can be more effective than bold. For a business power suit, stick to the essential menswear colours: Navy and Grey. These two colours are seen as the most business appropriate, and they are classics.

Patterns like bolder stripes will add a unique and powerful image.

3. Use a Peak Lapel to Accentuate

The differentiating factor of a power suit is that it flatters your body and gives you a dominant look.

One simple way to do this is to accentuate your shoulders and create a visual aid, making you look taller. This is achieved by opting for a broad peak lapel.

Since the lapel points upwards, it points towards your shoulders and chest, giving the image that you have perfect posture.