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How King & Bay muscled through John Aiello's dynamic measurements

Posted Sep 22nd, 2017 in Business Style, Client Stories, Recent

John Aiello, a professional bodybuilder, worked with King & Bay to build two separate wardrobes to accommodate his dynamic body measurements. 

John Aiello, Custom Suit, Toronto

John brought us a very interesting challenge.

John Aiello is  a competitive body builder – and a believer that 'fit is finer', both in terms of his body, and the clothes he wears.

The beauty behind John's story is the fact that he requires two completely separate wardrobes. Why, you ask?

If you are familiar with competitive body building, you know that a competitors body will change at different times, depending on his or her competition schedule.

As John trains, and then tapers to compete, his body changes – either by growing or cutting mass, depending on his competition schedule.

He fell for the King & Bay concept of 'fit is finer'.

John first came to King & Bay for a suit to wear to a competition he was attending – however, he soon fell in love with our custom measurement process.

With our Master Suit approach to the perfect fit (we don't use pre-set pattern templates), we were able to create the most ideal fit for John from scratch, taking all of his body's unique proportions into consideration.

Over time, the King & Bay Master Clothiers have created two sections of John's closet: Competition Clothes and Non-Competition Clothes.

It's the perfect fit for a guy who definitely knows the difference!  READ MORE ABOUT JOHN HERE »

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