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How to Dress For the Holiday Season

Posted Dec 8th, 2017 in Style Knowledge, Winter & Fall


How to Dress for the Holidays, Menswear, Toronto

The holidays are here – Christmas lights and decorations are up and festive events have started. Here are a few tips to help you arrive in style, where ever you find yourself this season. 

[Formal Christmas Party]

1. Invest in a Standout Jacket 

The holidays always call for formal galas. A smoking jacket is the best garment to wear if you want to look your absolute best at a formal event.

Holiday Parties are best events to dress up as you can never be over dressed. The vast variety of choices in fabric, colour and style will help you truly make a statement, whether its subtle or bold.

The garment shown above is a fantastic alternative to the standard onyx tuxedo. The subtle shimmer in the fabric as well as the unique shawl lapel add tremendous depth to your formal look.

The second outfit to the right is a fantastic winter cerulean velvet smoking jacket. With its unique sheen and contrast shawl lapel, this velvet will be an eye catching look for any holiday gala. We paired a standout paisley shirt for a bold alternative to a white shirt and bow tie.

Custom Made Holiday Smoking Jacket, Menswear Toronto

Mens Custom Suits, King & Bay

[Office Christmas Party]

2. Try Out a Dressy Suit 

This Christmas Season, we are sure that you will attend to your office Christmas Party.

Everybody at the office has already seen you in your work suits so why not invest in something more dressy? A dressy suit will differ from your work suits in the look and feel of the fabric.

The suit we wanted to showcase is a rich indigo blue 3 piece with a tonal chainlink pattern to it. The garment is eye catching due to the formal pattern and the fabric's sheen.

To capitalize on the luxurious look of the cloth, we decided to add a vest so that more of the fabric will be highlighted in evening lighting.


[Dinner With Family or Friends]

3. Select a Stylish Sport Jacket 

It's safe to say that the holidays call for dinners with family and friends.

If you're heading out for Christmas Dinner, we would suggest wearing a stand out sport jacket.

The garment we showcased on the right is a fantastic rich festive bordeaux colour with a bouclé style texture.

The beauty behind this jacket is that it is a stretch "jersey" fabric, giving the wearer unparalleled comfort.

Pair this style jacket with dark dressy denim or even a pair of deep indigo flannel dress trousers for a clean, sophisticated look.

Custom Made Holiday Smoking Jacket, Menswear Toronto

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[Casual Festive]

4. Choose a Bold Shirt

One of the best ways to take advantage of the current suits and sport jackets in your wardrobe is to pair more festive patterned shirts with them.

Here we show a beautiful ink blue cashmere jacket. While it may look fantastic with a white shirt and wool tie, we believe that a more complex patterned shirt will add a festive and modern touch to your look.

The paisley in the shirt has hints of green, grey and blue which work together with the jacket.

The green pocket square also adds a festive flare to your look.

Mens Custom Suits, King & Bay

[Theme Your Look]

5. Try Wearing Holiday Colours

This holiday season, try opting for seasonally appropriate colours for your suits. This will not only give you that festive look, but also keep you looking stylish.

Wearing bolder colours and patterns are the best way to stand out in a crowd, especially at a holiday gathering.

The Bordeaux Glen Check Suit is a great colour as it captures the theme of the holiday season beautifully while still being subdued. It has the perfect balance between subtle and bold that will surely look great at any event this Christmas season.

We think this garment offers one of the most holiday appropriate suits.

The holidays are a fantastic, festive time to enjoy.

With so many events and gatherings to attend, its best to be prepared for anything. Your image is a visual representation of who you are, not just at work, but wherever you go. Put your best look forward this season and capture the attention of everyone by looking and feeling your best.