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Maximize the Lifespan of Your Custom Suits

Posted Feb 20th, 2018 in Style Knowledge


How to Extend the Life of Your Suits

While many people measure the lifespan of their suits by how long they have it or amount of wears, the truth is that they have a hand in their garment's lifespan. By taking charge and caring properly for your garments, you can extend that lifespan.  

[Cloth Differences]

Choose Fabrics for Performance

Fabric plays an extreme role in the longevity of a suit. The common misconception that men have is that the more expensive their suit is, the longer it should last.

The truth is the more luxurious and expensive the cloth, the softer and more delicate it is.

Durable suits are generally made using fabrics that have performance features which help extend the life of the garment. High twist yarns, worsted wool fabrics and heavier weight cloths are all great examples of performance fabrics.

So, select carefully, because fabric plays an extreme role in the longevity of a suit.

How to Extend the Life of Your Suits

Build a Wardrobe to Extend the Longevity of Your Suits

[Rotate For Freshness]

Give Your Suits Time to Rest

Another large factor in a suit's longevity is how often it is worn. A good suit is made using natural fibres, like wool, which needs to breathe and recover from wear.

Wearing your suit too often will cause stress on the fabric, especially in the trousers due to friction when walking.

By building a healthy rotation of suits, you will be able to stretch the amount of time in between wears for each suit which will give the fabric time to rest.

Aim to only wear your suit once in a given week. If its necessary to wear it again, limit to only twice in the week.

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[Proper Care & CLeaning]

Properly Caring For Your Garment Will Extend Its Lifespan

Many men assume that dry cleaning their suit is good for the garment. The reverse is actually the case.

Dry cleaning is a harmful process to a suit due to the chemicals used and the treatment the garment is given.

Unlike a regular laundry process of washing t-shirts and socks every week, a suit should only be dry cleaned when there is a visible stain.

Asking the dry cleaner to press your garment is much more effective when needing to bring it back to life after constant wear.


Proper Care for Your Custom Suit