Alex Osborne, Vice President at Caldwell Investment Management, wears business blue

There is undoubtedly an expectation in the financial and banking industry of being well-dressed and our client Alex Osborne nails the look.

A Business That Requires Confidence

Alex Osborne has established a career in finance that is both challenging and rewarding.

As a newly minted Vice President at Caldwell Investment Management, Alex’s role is one in which trust is paramount.

In his world, first impressions can make all the difference – they have the uncanny ability to make or break a business deal, with a positive experience creating long-lasting business relationships. Knowing life never gives you a second chance at making first impressions, Alex works closely with our Master Clothier Michael Truong to create the perfect business look.

Charismatic, Creative Custom Garments

We love when Alex comes into our lounge. He is a charismatic personality and always has a story to share.

Having recently begun his greatest adventure yet – starting a family – things are getting even more exciting.

Alex is a great ambassador of our Master Suit process and has been since he ordered his first custom suit from King & Bay.

We're looking forward to the future, working with Alex to continue to refine his personal style!

  • Business blue doesn't have to mean business boring. With a perfect fit like this one on Alex, the traditional blue suit offers a understated sophistication and class.
    Michael Truong, Master Clothier

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