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Digital agency entrepreneurs, Jeff Horst and Matt Martin, take a stand in custom sports jackets from King & Bay

Posted Jan 12th, 2020 in Business Style, Client Stories, Recent

As partners in echosims, Jeff and Matt are part of a new breed of entrepreneurs who recognize the value of dressing in quality garments that reflect their personal style.

Jeff Horst & Marin, Partners in echosims Inc.

Quality Recognizes Quality.

echosims digital marketing agency

Creating a new reality for ethical, scalable, on-strategy digital marketing that delivers results is the driving force behind echosims inc., a digital marketing agency headquartered in Kitchener, serving international clients.

Partners Jeff Horst and Matt Martin are part of a new wave of business leaders who are committed to transparency and honesty. By offering comprehensive services to help clients untangle the complexities of digital marketing, echosims brings a breath of fresh air to a market channel that can be very challenging to business owners.

With the help of the Master Clothiers at King & Bay, Jeff and Matt are building personal looks that represents the down-to-earth quality they are committed to.

And, as an added point of interest – and we acknowledge we are biased – Matt is on his way to a successful personal career in music. Check out his website here.

Business Looks That Look Like Success.

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