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Celebrating Chinese New Year – 2021 is the Year of the Ox

Posted Feb 3rd, 2021 in In The News, Style Knowledge

As Chinese New Year approaches on February 12 we look forward to creating new outfits for 2021 to bring good fortune to our clients during the Year of the Ox.

Chinese New Year has always been a favourite time at King & Bay, bringing the opportunity to work with our clients to refresh and rejuvenate their wardrobes for a successful year.

Q: What is the significance of Chinese New Year?

A: Chinese New Year is seen as a very important day and is all about bringing good fortune to you and your family for the upcoming year. Traditionally in my family, we gather at my parents’ place and have a family feast. My parents will give their children a red envelope with money in it, symbolizing the passing of prosperity, health and love.

Q: What are some preparations you do for Chinese New Year?

A: Traditionally, to start the New Year, people wear new clothes to symbolize a fresh start. Red is the most predominant colour that symbolizes luck, joy and happiness so many people tend to wear it. I’ve chosen to wear my King & Bay Red Hopsack Double Breasted Jacket.

Q: What is something you always do to start the New Year?

A: Since Chinese New Year happens right before Spring, I personally get my spring cleaning started. By clearing out some closet space and making room for some new items, it helps me update my spring wardrobe.

From all of us at King & Bay, we wish you health, good fortune and prosperity in the Year of the Ox.


Celebrate Chinese New Year with Custom Mens Clothing from King & Bay