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The Importance of a Proper Tie Length

Posted Jan 18th, 2023 in All News, Fundamental Style, Personal Style, Style Knowledge

The subtle details are critical when it comes to men's fashion. For a refined and stylish appearance, men should wear the proper tie length and we've compiled our tips that will help determine this.

The Importance of a Proper Tie Length, King & Bay Custom Clothing, Toronto, Canada

What is the Proper Tie Length?

When you are standing straight, the tip of your tie should hit right at the top of your belt buckle or waist belt, and never above or below. Even if you are wearing a jacket and the bottom of the tie is covered, it should still rest in the correct place. 

Tie Length: Other Considerations

Pay Attention to Length Options

Most ties are made at a standard length of 57 inches, however, the length of the tie you are purchasing should depend on the type of knot you will choose. Some knots require one or two loops, and other styles may require more. Knots can shorten the length of your tie but regardless of which one you choose, the tie should always be at the right place.

Consider Your Height & Body Shape

Standard ties are generally suitable for men who are under six feet tall. Men who have a wider neck or midsection, or those with a long torso may need a longer tie. If a standard tie size is too short, extra long ties are available. Men can also have ties professionally altered to ensure the perfect length.

Utilize the Keeper Loop

The keeper loop is the band of material on the reverse of the tie that secures the tie's back blade. A quick way to know if your tie is knotted at the right length for your body is to observe the tail of the tie in relation to the keeper loop. If the tail tucks in without issue, you have the right size. In contrast, if the tail doesn't reach the keeper loop it's too short, and if it's much longer than the keeper loop it's too long.

Tie Length with a Suit

Regardless of what you're wearing, the tip of the tie should always sit at your belt buckle or waist belt. 

Square vs. Diamond Tips

The proper length rule still applies to ties with a square shape. The only difference is that for a square tie, the flat edge will sit in the middle of the waist belt or belt buckle rather than the point of the diamond tip.

Proper Posture

Maintain your natural posture when putting your tie on to ensure it sits in the correct place. Slouching or hunching over could cause your tie to sit shorter on your body when you revert back to your normal posture.

Men can utilize ties to showcase their personality and style through various colours, fabrics, and textures. As long as your tie is the proper length, there are several ways to style your outfits using this accessory. You can further enhance the final look by adding a tie bar or wearing a pocket square in a complementary colour or pattern.