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Celebrate Your Dad in Style with Our Curated Father’s Day Gift Guide

Posted May 8th, 2023 in All News, Fundamental Style, Personal Style, Style Knowledge

As Father's Day approaches, finding the perfect gift to show appreciation for the man who has shaped your life can be a challenging endeavour. This year, we've put together a carefully curated gift guide to make the process a little easier. At King & Bay, we believe that every dad deserves a touch of luxury and personalization in their lives.

Celebrating Your Dad This Father’s Day

How can you possibly encapsulate all the love and gratitude you feel for your dad into a single present? While it may be difficult, taking the time to pick out the right gift is absolutely worth the effort to serve as a tangible reminder of the love and appreciation you have for him.

Curated and Customized Gifts to Honour Your Dad

Golfer Dad

The perfect swing is a combination of style and technique. Give your golfer dad the gift of both with our custom golf shirts and footwear. Our golf collection offers high-quality fabrics and a wide range of styles to help him feel confident on the course. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, our custom golf wear ensures he's dressed to impress from the first tee to the last putt.

Dapper Dad

For the stylish and sophisticated dad, a custom smoking jacket and custom footwear make for a perfect gift. Elevate his wardrobe with a luxurious smoking jacket made from the finest fabrics and designed with precision. Custom footwear ensures a perfect fit, and with a range of options from classic to modern, he'll have the perfect shoes to complete any look.

Professional Dad

Elevate your dad's wardrobe with a custom suit tailored specifically to his taste and style. With premium fabrics and meticulous craftsmanship, your dad can create a unique and personalized garment that exudes confidence and professionalism. Give your dad the gift of timeless style.

Traveling Dad

For the dad who's always on the go, a custom leather bag is the perfect Father's Day gift. Our bags are meticulously crafted to ensure both style and durability, making them the ideal accessory for any travel adventure. From weekend getaways to business trips, our leather bags are both functional and luxurious

Dressed Down Dad

For the dad who values comfort and style, our collection of denim and casual wear is the perfect fit. From classic denim jeans to cashmere loungewear, our pieces are carefully crafted for optimal comfort and are perfect for everyday wear. Your father will relish in the opulent comfort of these options.


Difficult to Buy for Dad

For the dad who has everything, give the gift of an unforgettable experience with our gift cards. He'll enjoy the personalized attention of a Master Clothier and the chance to create his own custom clothing. Our Custom Clothing Experience is the ultimate luxury gift that he'll cherish for years to come.

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