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Assent Event Proposal

Custom. Curated.
Client Appreciation.

At the King & Bay Lounge



Private Event Inclusions

The King & Bay lounge is a luxury setting, where your clients will be treated to a premium experience unlike anything else available in Toronto.

The views, the ambiance, the style... every detail is considered – from award winning catering to curated cocktails and celebrity appearance options.

And, with a unique customized garment for every guest – men and women – your brand will live on in the stories that will be told.

The King & Bay private event is a fit for those who wish to provide their guests with a discreet experience that establishes a new paradigm for exclusive luxury.

Your private event at King & Bay Includes exclusive access for your guests to the King & Bay Lounge, venue, custom garment or accessory, catering and host bar, plus:


The minimum fee to host an event in the King & Bay Lounge is $15,000.

For your reference, here is an event that was hosted by our clients, Oxford Properties.

Event Details



$16,500 + taxes (22 GUESTS) 

BAR | King & Bay Signature Cocktails, Beer, Wine
CATERING | Exquisite artisanal hors d'oeuvres

$250 per person for 5 course curated dinner



The parking entrance to Brookfield Place is at the NW corner of Front and Yonge Street, next to the Hockey Hall of Fame.


161 Bay Street Suite 2515 Toronto ON M5J 2S1 CA

Explore The Details About Our Private Events

  • What types of events can you accommodate and for how many guests?

    The King & Bay Lounge offers an opportunity for luxury, bespoke events for groups up to 40 people:

    • Corporate Events (AGMs, Board of Directors Meetings)
    • Sales & Prospecting
    • Groom's Events or Wedding Parties
    • Sports Celebrity Events
    • Product Launches
  • What is the required lead time for booking an event?

    Depending on the scope and size of the event, we typically require a minimum of 4-6 weeks’ notice for booking to ensure that all necessary arrangements and preparations can be made to deliver an exceptional experience. However, we understand that each event is unique and may require more or less time for planning, so we encourage interested parties to contact us directly to discuss their specific needs and timelines. Our experienced team is committed to providing personalized service and support to help bring your vision to life.

  • How is pricing determined?
    We offer an introductory package that encompasses a range of services and features, with a minimum expenditure. The entry level package includes the following components:

    • Custom Dress Shirt Experience for 20 guests
    • Access to our exclusive private lounge for three (3) hours
    • Premium open bar which also features our signature cocktails
    • Talented mixologists
    • Exquisite artisanal hors d'oeuvres
    • Exemplary hospitality professionals
    • Branded invitation/RSVP webpage if required
    • Expansive video wall for displaying personalized branding/logos and presentations
    We offer the flexibility to elevate your event experience with personalized gifting options and additional enhancements to tailor your specific needs and preferences. Please inquire for more details.
  • Why is the King & Bay Lounge a coveted space for private corporate events?

    We provide a distinct and unparalleled alternative to the conventional choices of private business entertainment. While restaurants/bars and boxes at sporting events have been the traditional go-to options, we present an alternative that promises an exquisite, bespoke experience for your guests in an exceptional and unparalleled setting. Our unique concept provides you with multiple genuine touch points with your clients and prospects which will help you grow your business.

  • How is King & Bay a turnkey solution?

    King & Bay is the epitome of a turnkey solution, offering a comprehensive range of services that set us apart from other event venues. Our approach covers custom gifts, photography, videography, RSVP pages, AV system, blog content, food & beverage and much more. We have taken the concept of “one stop shop” to the next level.

  • What are the gifting options for guests?


    • Dress Shirt
    • Footwear
    • Sports Jacket
    • Sports Jacket with Custom Lining
    • Leather Goods (Travel Bag, Weekender, Duffel Bag)
    • Suit
    • Suit with Custom Lining 
    • Full Wardrobe


    • Dress Shirt
    • Footwear
    • Italian Silk Scarf
    • Jacket
    • Leather Goods (Travel Bag, Weekender, Duffel Bag)
  • Do events provide opportunities for face time with clients?

    Yes, our events provide valuable opportunities for face time with clients. The business casual setting allows for interactions that might not be possible during typical client events like sporting games and dinners. Also, our opulent lounge contributes to a relaxed atmosphere that promotes organic conversations.

  • How many touchpoints do events provide with my clients?

    You have a total of two touchpoints. The first occurs at the event, and the second takes place roughly four weeks after the event when your clients come back to our lounge to pick up their custom dress shirts (or other custom garment). Our team will inform you of their appointment times, allowing you to coordinate your availability.

  • In what ways do King & Bay events expedite the sales cycles for businesses?

    Our events can significantly expedite your sales cycles:

    1. By bringing together industry professionals, decision makers, and potential clients in an opulent but relaxed setting, our events provide an ideal platform for meaningful networking. This facilitates direct connections, fostering relationships that can expedite the sales process.
    2. Companies have an opportunity to showcase their products or services in a memorable way, leaving a lasting impact on potential clients. 
    3. Face-to-face interactions in our lounge contribute to trust building between businesses and clients. Establishing a personal connection often expedites decision-making processes  and shortens the sales cycle.  
    4. Our meticulously planned events create memorable experiences. Positive impressions from these experiences can influence purchasing decisions, leading to quicker conversions and sales.
  • Do you provide the option for two companies to jointly host an event?

    Yes. We offer a collaborative event hosting option, enabling two companies to work together seamlessly. Our services facilitate a smooth collaboration, ensuring a successful event experience.

  • Do you provide a Scope of Work (SOW) or Proposal Page for events?

    Yes, we provide a comprehensive SOW designed to streamline your event planning. It can be easily shared with relevant stakeholders on your team to obtain swift approval. The SOW covers vital aspects such as Event Details, Event Fees, and Payment Terms, ensuring a thorough understanding of your event plan.

  • What are the options for corporate branding?
    We hold a deep commitment to showcasing your brand's identity in a positive and meaningful way. Our expansive video wall can be tailored to display personalized branding, logos, and presentations in a truly impressive manner. We are also happy to accommodate any specific branding requests or requirements you may have.
  • Can you arrange for photography and videography?

    Absolutely. Our curated and highly reputable providers can work with you to deliver the visuals that best meet your goals, including post-event still and video editing.

  • What are your accessibility options including parking arrangements, transit, and valet service?

    PARKING: Street parking is available on Front Street and underground parking is accessible beside the Hockey Hall of Fame on Front Street East.

    TRANSIT: The King & Bay Lounge is located directly across from Toronto's Union Station at 161 Bay Street, suite 2515. Guests are able to access the building via the entrances on Front Street, Bay Street, and through the underground PATH.

    VALET: Valet services – including discreet, private entry – is available. Please inquire.

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