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Custom. Curated. Client Appreciation.

At the King & Bay Lounge

Honour your guests with a unique, luxury experience in the exclusive King & Bay Lounge


Private Event Inclusions

The King & Bay lounge is a luxury setting, where your clients will be treated to a premium experience unlike anything else available in Toronto.

The views, the ambiance, the style... every detail is considered – from award winning catering to curated cocktails and celebrity appearance options.

And, with a unique customized garment for every guest – men and women – your brand will live on in the stories that will be told.

The King & Bay private event is a fit for those who wish to provide their guests with a discreet experience that establishes a new paradigm for exclusive luxury.

Your private event at King & Bay includes exclusive access for your guests to the King & Bay Lounge, venue, custom garment or accessory, catering and host bar, plus:

The minimum fee to host an event in the King & Bay Lounge is $15,000.

For your reference, here is an event that was hosted by our clients, Oxford Properties.

Event Details

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024

4pm to 7pm

$3,500 + taxes per person 

BAR | King & Bay Signature Cocktails, Beer, Wine
CATERING | Exquisite artisanal hors d'oeuvres

$2,500 + taxes per person 

BAR | King & Bay Signature Cocktails, Beer, Wine
CATERING | Exquisite artisanal hors d'oeuvres

$750 + taxes per person 

BAR | King & Bay Signature Cocktails, Beer, Wine
CATERING | Exquisite artisanal hors d'oeuvres

$600 + taxes per person 

BAR | King & Bay Signature Cocktails, Beer, Wine


The parking entrance to Brookfield Place is at the NW corner of Front and Yonge Streets, next to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

161 Bay Street Suite 2515, Toronto, ON M5J 2S1 CA

Explore The Details About Our Private Events

  • What types of events work best at King & Bay?

    The King & Bay lounge offers an opportunity for luxury, bespoke events:

    • Corporate VIP Events
    • Sales Team Recognition / Awards
    • Groom's Events or Wedding Parties
    • Sports Celebrity Events
    • Product Launches
    • Private Organization or Club Events
    • Foundation or Fundraiser Events
    • IPO Launches
    • Personal Events Celebrating Birthdays or Retirements
  • What is the capacity of the King & Bay lounge?

    The Main Lounge & Bar can accommodate up to 60 guests, while each of the 3 consultation rooms is ideal for smaller groups of 3-4.

  • What are the gifting options, and can you accommodate both men and women?

    King & Bay offers custom gifting options for both men and women. Pricing is available upon request.

  • Custom Gifts For the Men
    • Shirt
    • Shoe or Document Case
    • Sports Jacket
    • Sports Jacket WITH CUSTOM LINING
    • Briefcase or Doctors Bag
    • Suit
    • Travel Bag or Weekender Duffel
    • Premium Suit
    • Premium Suit WITH CUSTOM LINING
    • Full Wardrobe
  • Custom Gifts For the Women
    • Italian Silk Scarf
    • Document Case or Tote Bag
    • Briefcase or Doctors Bag
    • Travel Bag or Weekender Duffel
  • What can I expect in terms of quality of catering and bar services?

    Expect bespoke catering available from award-winning culinary stars, with premium bar service – all customized for your event.

  • What is access like – parking, transit, valet options?

    PARKING: Street parking is available on Front Street and underground parking is accessible beside the Hockey Hall of Fame on Front Street East.

    TRANSIT: The King & Bay Lounge is located directly across from Toronto's Union Station at 161 Bay Street, suite 2515. Patrons are able to access the building via the entrance on Front Street, Bay Street and through the underground PATH.

    VALET: Valet services – including discreet, private entry – is available. Please inquire.

  • What options are there to truly customize the event experience?

    King & Bay will work with you to customize your event with exclusive, interactive experiences. Options include:

    Bespoke Whiskey Tasting Experience

    Explore the world of whiskey, with a customized tasting that will impress both aficionados and those new to the whiskey world.

    Alumni Athlete Experience

    Offer your guests a truly unique, intimate experience watching the game with one or more alumni athletes – including your favourite Maple Leafs, Raptors or Blue Jays Players.

    Game Night or Fight Night

    The King & Bay lounge offers a stunning alternative to a sports box for a professional game. Guests are thrilled to watch the game on a big screen with a spectacular view of Toronto, along with all the other premium amenities of the King & Bay private event experience.

    Other Event Customization Options

    We invite you to bring us your vision for integrating your company's brand through other customized event details. The possibilities are truly endless.

  • How much notification do you need to book an event?

    We can accommodate groups up to 5 people, with minimal notice (1-2 days). For larger groups, timing will be based on lounge availability.

  • What are the options for corporate branding?

    In addition to multiple options for floor banners and signage, each area of the King & Bay lounge offers the ability for digital branding.

    On the main wall over the bar, you have access to four 47" high definition screens which can operate independently, or as one screen.

    Additionally, there is a single 47" high definition screen on the larger wall in each of our three private rooms – the Boardroom, the Office, and the Den.

    We are also more than happy to collaborate other branding touch points, such as bar / food napkins, match boxes, coasters, etc.

    The possibilities are endless.

  • Can you arrange for photography and videography?

    Absolutely. Our hand-picked, and very trusted providers, can work with you to deliver the visuals that best meet your goals, including post-event still and video editing.

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