Aashif Jamani

Aashif Jamani

Master Clothier & Steward, Director of Client Services

Aashif Jamani

Meet Aashif

When he was a fourteen, Aashif travelled to Florida for a holiday where he found himself facing a shopping decision. Should he buy the track suit worn by Team USA (of 'Miracle on Ice’ fame) or should he buy the Brilliant White Suit that he had seen in Saturday Night Fever?

It was the beginning of Aashif's journey as a Sartorialist Traveller. (We think you know which suit he chose!)

Aashif loves putting on a well fitted garment – it lifts his spirits and puts a spring in his step. And what he enjoys most is when the suits he fits help his clients transform their image and elevate their self esteem and confidence.


  • If you are in the market for a custom suit, come in with an open mind. The possibilities are endless and you may end up falling in love with a cloth, completely different from what you had in mind walking in.
    Aashif Jamani, Master Clothier

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