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Private Events at King & Bay Lounge, Brookfield Place Toronto

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the questions we receive most often about the use of the King & Bay lounge for private events. Click on a question to explore the answer.

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What makes your lounge so coveted for private business events?

In Toronto, essentially there are two options for private business entertaining: restaurants / bars, or boxes at sporting events.

We offer a third option, in which your guests are invited into a truly unique, one-of-a-kind setting – a 'corner office' on the 25th floor in the heart of Toronto's financial district, with inspiring interiors and floor to ceiling windows offering stunning views over Toronto Island and downtown.

There is nothing quite like it in Toronto... or Montreal or Calgary or Vancouver, for that matter.

How do your events work – what types of events are best suited to your space?

Fundamentally, events at the King & Bay lounge are best suited to sales or appreciation events whereby our curated custom clothing experience dovetails with your hosting and entertaining.

At the core of our private events is a fitting for a custom shirt or suit for each of your guests, which takes places elegantly within the context of a exclusive 'club' experience. 

The exact 'shape' of any event is directly related to its goals.

A stand-alone customer appreciation event may be more robust than an event which layers on added 'value' to another event – such as dropping in to King & Bay for drinks and a shirt fitting before you head to the game.

Either way, your guests will be impressed. Our lounge, located on the 25th floor of Brookfield Place, offers a unique interpretation of a luxury private club – with custom beverages, catered food and a concierge experience curated to your needs.

Our guest group is a mix of both men and women – how does this work in your space?

King & Bay offers a gender neutral event space when it comes to impressing your group with an exquisite food and beverage experience in an unparalleled physical environment.

We offer gifting options for both men and women.

What size event is possible, in terms of number of people?

The maximum capacity of our King & Bay lounge is approximately 50 people, depending on the type of event.

On the other end of the scale, clients can also rent the lounge for very small, intimate events of less than 10 people.

What are per guest costs?

Each private event is unique, so the costs will vary.

However, as a starting point, a 2 hour event, with hors d'oeuvres, beverages and a custom shirt for each guest will start at approximately $500 per person.

Per guest costs for events where guests are offered a custom sports jacket will start at $1500.

Is it possible to have a larger event with smaller, private meetings included?

Absolutely. We have designed our lounge with three unique private rooms, each of which accommodates 4-8 people, as well as four unique sections in the lounge itself, which allow for multiple conversations or groupings to run simultaneously.

What options do you offer for customizing your space with our corporate brand?

In addition to multiple options for floor banners and signage, each area of the King & Bay lounge offers the ability for digital branding.

On the main wall over the bar, you have access to four 47" high definition screens which can operate independently, or as one screen.

Additionally, there is a single 47" high definition screen on the larger wall in each of our three private rooms – the Boardroom, the Office, and the Den.

We are also more than happy to collaborate other branding touch points, such as bar / food napkins, match boxes, coasters, etc.

The possibilities are endless.


What kind of private invitations can you create?

We love answering this question!

One of our foundational commitments to our clients is to ensure that your event is presented elegantly at each stage.

As such, in addition to printed material you may be considering, we are able to offer a private invitation page on our website, customized for your event, with your corporate branding.


Is there a sound system?

Yes. Our in-house sound system can be managed by room and allows for you to create the musical ambience that best suits your event.

What are the catering options?

Essentially, the catering options are unlimited. When you book an event with King & Bay, our team will curate the catering to fit whatever menu type you wish, accommodating all dietary needs of your guests.


Can you arrange professional photography and videography?

Absolutely. Our hand-picked, and very trusted providers, can work with you to deliver the visuals that best meet your goals, including post-event still and video editing.

We also welcome you to bring your own photographer or videographer, with a few disclaimers applicable.

Is your space accessible to individuals with restricted mobility?

Yes. Access to our lounge is via elevator, with all doors accessible to standard sized mobility units.

Parking downtown can be difficult – what are the best options?

There are extensive underground parking options that serve our building. We will provide detailed directions for your guests.

Are events in the King & Bay lounge allergy-sensitive?

Although we can certainly meet the needs for allergy-sensitive catering, we are not able to guarantee that the entire King & Bay lounge is free of allergens, such as traces of nuts or shellfish.

Recent Private Events | MORE › 

dentalcorp Hosts Valued Partners & Prospects for a NHL Playoff Game Night

It was game 4 of the Leafs vs the Bruins in round 1 of the 2019 playoffs – and Game Night was on at King & Bay for valued partners and prospects of dentalcorp.

VIP guests celebrate Father's Day in style with a private whiskey tasting of The Macallan in the King & Bay lounge

Our first Macallan Moments event was a very special experience and an opportunity for discerning clients to share a one-of-a-kind experience with their fathers. 

Michael O'Rourke experiences the ultimate Toronto Blue Jays fan event with Lloyd Moseby, in support of the Jays Care Foundation

One of two limited edition smoking jackets, a private event dinner with Lloyd... it was a dream come true for the winning bidder of the 'Dress to Impress with Lloyd Moseby' silent auction item.

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