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Nishant Raina finally finds the perfect fit for his tall, lean tennis frame

Posted Feb 5th, 2018 in Client Stories

Joining the ranks of athletic men who find it hard to shop off-the-rack, Nishant Raina finds both comfort and style with King & Bay.

Nishant Raina is passionate about lots of great things.

Nishant came to King & Bay through a LinkedIn connection. He's an interesting man with passions that range from his love for business development, financial analysis, neuro-linguistic programming to tennis!

As a Manager of a bank's Business Cards Division, Nishant strongly believes his garments truly exemplify his personal brand.

With his tall, lean tennis frame, our very customized approach to tailoring and fit makes all the difference to Nishant's Garment Selection. With touches of his personal style, customization gives him a professional and elegant look with 'the basics' – business suits in a variety of blue and grey tones.

In addition to the basic business suits, however, we've also collaborated with Nishant on some very interesting pieces, including a Smoking Jacket and a pathani (Indian outfit). He loves the endless customization offered by our process and has quickly become a loyal customer – for which we are very grateful.

We look forward to many more creative collaborations with Nishant.

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