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King & Bay receives special thank you for our efforts through Mission2Mask

Posted May 22nd, 2020 in COVID-19 Collaborators, Health & Safety, In The News, Mission2Mask, Sidebar

Workplaces are beginning to re-open, and the King & Bay Reusable Face Mask provides an option to keep you and your staff protected.


King & Bay receives recognition from the Toronto Police Force's Emergency Task Force for Mission2Mask Initiative

Protect your health with a non-medical face mask.

King & Bay Give Back with Face Masks

Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam recommends wearing non-medical face masks as an "added layer of protection when physical distancing is difficult to maintain."

Through our Mission2Mask initiative, we have been producing masks and spreading the message of the importance of wearing a mask to protect others. We were recently recognized by the Toronto Police Service's Emergency Task Force for our efforts.

As your workplace looks to move forward during continued COVID-19 uncertainty, we're pleased to offer you the option to protect your staff, clients, and also other members of the public they may cross paths with in the weeks and months ahead.

Our high quality, Made-In-Canada masks are 100% cotton, washable and reusable, and come with added features like filter pockets and moldable nose-pieces for a close fit.

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