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Getting the Right Wedding Suit to Steal the Show

Posted Dec 8th, 2020 in Recent, Wedding Stories, Wedding Suits

With custom suiting options from the Master Clothiers at King & Bay, many of today's grooms are learning to get creative with their wedding suit.

Looking Your Absolute Best...

We all know that during the wedding, all eyes are typically focused on the bride. And, traditionally, the groom wears either a black suit or tuxedo and blends into the background.

Things are changing, though. Grooms today know the importance of looking their very best on their wedding day. They want to stand beside their bride and be seen on the same level, one of the two focal points of the occasion.

After all, your wedding is the most important day of your life.

Today's modern men are taking more and more initiative and finding creative ways to stand out from the crowd with custom wedding suits for grooms.

No matter where you're standing in the venue, the key is that anyone can immediately identify you as the groom based on your attire.

Even if you're one of the many men who don’t wear suits every day, this is your chance to get dressed to the nines. Keep in mind that you'll be one-half of every important photo.

Wedding suits for men are a speciality at King & Bay. Talk to us about making an impression that will last a lifetime.

...On Your Most Important Day

Make a Statement with the Best Wedding Suits in Toronto

When designing your wedding suit, consider all aspects of the event – time of day, level of formality, setting, etc. Also, always solicit your bride's input. Your outfit should complement hers, so you'll need to be on the same page. It's also important to think of your attire in context of your bridal party. 

One way to separate the groom from the other men in the wedding party is to wear a different style of jacket. If they're wearing a two button, single breasted jacket, try one button, or even a double breasted jacket.

A slight variation in jacket style is a great way to help get noticed and stand out from your groomsmen – without looking like you're trying too hard.

Colour is another simple, but great, way to make a statement with your wedding suit. We see Toronto grooms opt for more and more non-traditional looks, like green, burgundy or jacquard suit jackets.

For the more traditionally-minded groom, you can opt to wear a coloured suit that contrasts with your groomsmen – for example, wearing a charcoal grey while your party wears medium grey. Not only will you stand out, but the darker colour gives you a slightly more formal look.

You can also choose to add a custom jacket lining, making your suit unique to you and your style.

When you work with Master Clothiers at King & Bay in Toronto to design your custom wedding suit, the options are endless.

Step Into a Custom Wedding Style That Suits You