Our Virtual Style turned Darrell McGuire from skeptic to raving fan

Darrell's online shopping experience with the Virtual Style option at King & Bay was exactly what he needed to look his very finest on his wedding day.


Darrell used our Virtual Style option to order his custom wedding suit

Darrell McGuire in a Wedding Suit by King & Bay

Thanks for the great review, Darrell!

"Quality, Quality, Quality are the 3 words that describe my online shopping experience a King & Bay. I was getting married and needed to look my very best but was skeptical to purchase a "custom made" shirt and jacket online.

"All said and done...allow me to introduce you to Sushant and his "magic" jacket that took 10 lbs. off my appearance the moment I put it on.

"I felt like a million bucks, what an amazing garment! I not only have made a new friend, but I definitely know where I will be shopping again." – Darrell McGuire, Google Review

Laid Back, But Snazzy

We designed a Navy Velvet Smoking Jacket and a formal dress shirt for Darrell. Given that it was a very small wedding (with about 4-6 friends) he and his now wife Shelley wanted it to be a bit laid back, but definitely snazzy.

P.S: Darrell is an alcohol aficionado. When we sent him his measuring kit, we included the ingredients for our Signature Old Fashioned – and he was "thoroughly impressed"!

  • It was an absolute pleasure to work with Darrell and Shelley. One of the geatest moments in the process was when he received his garments and called me late in the evening to share his excitement and how much he loved it. Moments like these are what makes what we do so worth it!
    Sushant Vachhar, Master Clothier

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