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Despite losing 30 lbs as we designed his custom wedding suit, RCAF pilot Ben Collis got an absolutely perfect fit

Posted Jun 23rd, 2021 in Client Stories, Wedding Stories, Wedding Suits

With a mix of virtual and in-person appointments, we worked with Ben to design a wedding suit that perfectly complimented his bride... and was ready for what the weather might deliver on his wedding day.



Ben Collis in a Wedding Suit by King & Bay

Standout Style For an Outdoor Canadian Wedding

Ben Collis was surfing for inspiration when he found King & Bay on Instagram. He saw what he liked, and reached out to see if we could help him with a custom suit for his upcoming wedding in Banff, which would be held outdoors.

Ben, a helicopter pilot with the Royal Canadian Airforce living in Edmonton, AB, was looking for a custom wedding suit that would stand out at his wedding, and stand up to both the weather and his lifestyle after the wedding.

Through a mix of virtual consultations and in-person appointments, we designed a stunning Dormeuil travel-resistant (weather repellant) 3-piece suit for Ben.

We selected the fabrics over an online appointment, then Ben flew to Toronto for his initial fitting.

But then... there was a catch. By the time we sent his Master Suit to him in Edmonton, Ben had lost 30 lbs!

King & Bay Clothing Specialist, Aaron Ignacio said, "No problem at all! We specialize in delivering quality custom menswear in unique situations."

He worked with Ben and his wife over webcam to refine the measurements. Ben's Master Suit pattern was then altered before we created his final suit – and it ended up perfectly. 

It was a great custom experience with a perfect fit.


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