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Why Men Should Own a Custom Unstructured Blazer

Posted Sep 28th, 2022 in All News, Fundamental Style, Personal Style, Style Knowledge

When it comes to menswear, versatility is key and there is nothing quite as versatile as a men's custom unstructured blazer. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this garment and why we think it's just as important as a suit.

Why Men Should Own an Unstructured Blazer, King & Bay Custom Clothing, Toronto, Canada

Unstructured Blazers: Why Every Man Should Own One

Most men probably have a collection of suits in their closets, but we think unstructured blazers should also be part of their wardrobe. We're sharing more on this versatile garment as well as how it can be worn, depending on the occasion. 

Breaking Down the Unstructured Blazer

More on This Versatile Garment

An unstructured blazer is deconstructed with minimum lining. It's "unstructured" because there are no sharp lines or padded shoulders, resulting in a more casual feel and relaxed silhouette. This is the perfect garment to layer over a smart look. Unstructured blazers are breathable and lightweight, and they are a relaxed take on the traditional sport jacket. Our favourite advantage of the unstructured blazer is that it is extremely versatile and looks great dressed up with a tie or worn more casually with a shirt and jeans.

The Best Fabrics for Unstructured Blazers

Thick, textured, and heavy fabrics tend to work best for unstructured blazers because they help to accentuate the informal feel of the garment. Our favourite fabrics to choose when constructing custom unstructured blazers are corduroy, worsted wool, and linen. In the fall and winter seasons, the heavy texture of corduroy is a great fabric and the lines of this fabric match the casual lines of the unstructured blazer. A corduroy blazer can be worn with wool, tweed, and denim trousers. Worsted wool is a common fabric used to make most suits. It has a tight weave which gives the final blazer a smart appearance - it's a great option for a look that feels relaxed but doesn't look overly casual. Linen is a great fabric to wear during warmer months because it is lightweight and breathable; an unstructured linen blazer is perfect for a summer wedding.

How to Wear Unstructured Blazers

Custom unstructured blazers are versatile and can be worn in a variety of styles for various occasions. For a casual look, an unstructured blazer is a great option since it's a relaxed garment and can be worn over a shirt and with jeans. If the blazer is a distinctive pattern or texture, you can wear a plain coloured shirt underneath. Likewise, if the blazer is a solid colour, you can easily layer it over a shirt with patterns and more colours. If you need a look for a smart-casual event, an unstructured blazer is a great option because it can be worn with a buttoned shirt or polo and chinos instead of denim. For more of a smart look, opt for more drape and get a custom unstructured blazer in wool or cotton blend; pair the blazer with an oxford shirt and tie for an elevated outfit.

For men who appreciate the elevated look of a suit and comfort simultaneously, a custom unstructured blazer will be the perfect addition to your closet. Unstructured blazers are essential garments for men who value versatility in their wardrobe - and one that is custom will have increased comfort in the feel since it will be a perfect fit for you.