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How Men Can Wear Colour This Fall & Winter

Posted Sep 8th, 2022 in All News, Fundamental Style, FW 2022, Personal Style, Style Knowledge, Winter & Fall

The weather is often drabby during the colder months, but this doesn't mean your garments have to be. We're sharing secrets on how men can incorporate colour into their wardrobes this fall and winter.

How Men Can Wear Colour This Fall & Winter, King & Bay Custom Clothing, Toronto, Canada

Break the Urge of Only Wearing Black

During the colder months, men are often tempted to dress in only black, grey, and navy - but we encourage adding more colour to your wardrobe this fall and winter. Wearing colour can affect your mood, stress levels, and behaviour, and it will also help you stand out in a crowd. This doesn't mean you have to be colourful from head to toe. We have tips on how men can embrace colour this season and how you can subtly incorporate it into your existing wardrobe. 

Tips on How to Add Colour to Your Wardrobe This Fall & Winter

Add Colour in Slowly

The term 'go big or go home' does not have to apply to your wardrobe. It's okay to add colour in slowly and subtly. If you don't feel ready to wear a bright coloured shirt, coat, or pants, try bringing in colour through your accessories such as shoes, ties, scarves, or pocket squares.

Keep the Season in Mind

A great tip for adding colour this season is to opt for a more subdued palette. Try richer and deeper hues of your favourite colours instead of garments that are brightly coloured. For example, burgundy is a great colour for both fall and winter. Red is also extremely popular this season and we are thrilled for you to see how we've incorporated this colour into our Fall Winter 2022 Collection.

Contrast Colours 

Creating a contrast between two hues is a great way to wear colour. The greater the distinction, the more assured the overall outfit will look. Keep in mind that the contrast does not have to be dramatic - pairing a navy jacket with grey pants is a perfect contrast with two distinct colours that work well together. 

Nothing Wrong with Neutrals

Before even consider adding colour to your wardrobe, ensure you have the right shades to pair it with. If you have a vast selection of neutral garments in your wardrobe such as black, grey, and navy, you will have an easier time pairing colour with them. Building a wardrobe consisting of neutrals ensures your garments look good together which also makes putting together complete looks a little easier. 

Men shouldn't feel overwhelmed by colour because wearing garments with even the slightest contrast can help create an overall fantastic look. Red is a popular colour this season and we're featuring it in our Fall Winter 2022 Collection. What colours are you adding to your fall and winter wardrobe?