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How Men Can Master the Art of Folding Pocket Squares

Posted Dec 14th, 2022 in All News, Fundamental Style, Personal Style, Style Knowledge

Pocket squares are classic men's accessories that help to elevate personal style and complete final looks. In this blog, we've shared five ways men can fold their pocket squares as well as instructions on how to master each fold. 

How Men Can Master the Art of Pocket Square Folds, King & Bay Custom Clothing, Toronto, Canada

Mastering the Art of the Fold

Pocket squares date back to the 1400's when the upper classes first embraced them as an accessory and used them as symbols of wealth. Over the years, the pocket square has become synonymous with sartorial sophistication. Read on to learn about different folds along with instructions on how to master each one.

Five Classic Ways to Fold a Pocket Square

One-Point Fold

For a basic pointed look, fold the pocket square in half and then in half again so you have a square. Place the cloth in front of you like a diamond and fold the two outer corners slightly over the centre to form a cone shape. Next, fold the bottom of the cone back on itself and place it in your pocket with the point facing upwards. This fold is perfect for business or casual events. 

Two-Point Fold

Start by folding your pocket square in half, corner to corner, but leave the two points slightly slanted, one next to the other. Next, fold one side inwards across two-thirds of the length. Repeat these instructions with the other side, then fold the bottom behind on itself. Ensure there's no unwanted bulging by making sure the fabric inside your pocket is as flat as possible. This fold looks great with both plain or patterned fabrics. 

Three-Point Fold

Fold the pocket square in half by the corners to create a triangle. Take the bottom left corner and fold it diagonally upwards, which will make a second point at the top right. Repeat on the other side and then fold in the outer corners to slim the shape before placing it in your pocket. This is a more formal way to fold a pocket square and works well for formal events such as weddings. 

Square Fold

This fold is also known as the presidential fold and it's the easiest one to accomplish. Simply fold your pocket square in half, then fold it back on itself in half again, and then once more in half vertically. You'll be left with a small square that will easily slide into your pocket. Ensure you line the clean edge straight and adjacent to the top of your pocket. The sharp edge goes perfectly with a professional, buttoned-up look.

Winged Puff Fold

Begin by folding the pocket square in half by the corners to create a triangle. Take the two wider corners and fold them towards the point so you have a diamond shape. Next, fold the sides behind and the bottom up to end up with a small square with a point at the top. Place the puffed part at the top of your pocket.

The pocket square is a small detail that shouldn't be the centre of attention, but should be a distinct element from the overall outfit. Men can try various folds, depending on the occasion, to further enhance their personal style.