How Men Can Elevate Their Business Casual Wardrobe

With the arrival of each new season, the opportunity for men to refresh their wardrobes should be a priority. In our blog, we're sharing helpful tips on how the ever popular business casual look for men can be elevated. 

How Men Can Elevate Their Business Casual Wardrobe, King & Bay Custom Clothing, Toronto, Canada

What Exactly is Business Casual?

In some cases, men are no longer required to wear a suit and tie to work. It seems many workplaces are easing up on their dress codes and allowing for more business casual attire. It's safe to say that business casual doesn't require a suit and tie, however, the term can still be confusing since it is loosely defined. Keep reading to discover ways men can elevate their business casual style.

Our Tips on How Men's Business Casual Style Can be Elevated

Oxford Shirts

An oxford shirt made of premium cotton is a must-own, especially in classic white. A great way to add dimension to your overall look is buy wearing oxford shirts with subtle windowpane or pinstripe patterns. And, even if you're not wearing a suit, you can still wear a tie. If you love this accessory then an oxford shirt is a tie's perfect match.


A great business casual outfit is a sport jacket or blazer with non-matching trousers. Ideally, solid black, grey, or navy dress pants are the best choice. Custom King & Bay trousers are the perfect option because wearing pants that fit flawlessly to your body creates a more elevated look. Once you have the foundation of your business casual outfit with a blazer and trousers, add elements such as accessories that will help to reflect your personal style.

Sport Jacket

The little details go a long way when it comes to elevating any look for men. When selecting your sport jacket or blazer, choose interesting details like metal or wood buttons. Men should also choose subtle patterns like pencil stripes, houndstooth, or herringbone. The fit of the jacket should also be prioritized for an elevated look.


While an oxford shirt is a great choice to wear under blazers and jackets, men can create elevated looks by layering cashmere knits underneath instead. With layering, men can also experiment with different colours, textures, and patterns. Having a wardrobe with subtle textures and neutral colours will help when trying different combinations.

Our Fall Winter 2022 Collection includes perfect options for elevated business casual looks for men. With the arrival of the new season, it's the perfect time for men to add some foundational pieces to their wardrobes. 

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