Curated Cocktail Experience: Old-Fashioned

Welcome! We're thrilled to invite you to a curated cocktail
experience with our classic Old Foresters Old-Fashioned. 

KING & BAY Curated Cocktail Experience: Old-Fashioned

Whether you're in our lounge or in the comfort of your home, we truly hope you enjoy our exclusive Old Foresters Old-Fashioned!

This hand-crafted curated cocktail will transform you into a state of bliss. The difference between our Old Foresters Old-Fashioned is how masterfully it has been constructed - trust us, one sip will be transformative. 

The taste is incredibly rich, smooth, and silky; living up to its reputation as the most superior cocktail. 

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Curated Cocktail Experience: Old-Fashion, King & Bay Custom Clothing, Ontario


Old-Fashioned Cocktail Tutorial

Learn how to curate the most luxurious and unique King & Bay Old-Fashioned cocktail. 


  Steps to Create

Crafted with the smooth and beautifully balanced Old Forester Bourbon, the Old-Fashioned is mixed with our very own spiced syrup, smoked cinnamon bitters, and topped with a lemon peel. 

Pour over ice

Pour Over Ice

Zest Your Old-Fashioned

Zest Your

Top off with lemon peel

Top Off with Lemon Peel or Dehydrated Lemon

Serve  in Rocks Glass

Serve in Rocks Glass


Enjoy Your Cocktail Experience.

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