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Getting Involved: The Shirt Off Your Back Face Mask Challenge

Posted Mar 24th, 2020 in In The News, Sidebar

Volunteers all over the world are stepping up to sew face masks... and King & Bay is 'in' with a challenge to others to use the 'Shirt Off Your Back' to make 1,000 face masks.


The call for assistance has gone out

In recent days, local, provincial and federal governments across Canada and around the world have all issued a call for businesses to pivot to help mitigate the risk of the coronavirus in our communities.

As our business slows down during this period, we looked around and asked ourselves what we could do.

We have the goods to help

With sewing machines, fabric and hearts full of commitment, our team has started producing face masks made from fabric swatches, Master Suits and other shirting fabric on hand.

And, you know what, they're kind of cool!

Ours is not the only group chipping in. Articles on CNN, the Huffington Post, fashion blogs and news stations all over our continent are popping up daily. Fashion designers big and small are stepping up.

And, if you're not a sewer, but would like to support the #SOYBFaceMaskChallenge by requesting one or donating shirts, please contact us!

Where to donate your masks

Michael Garron Hospital

The PPE Drive & Other Hospitals

Together we can make a difference.

The #SOYBFaceMaskChallenge issued

Looking for a way to help... in your own way?

Well, if you have a sewing machine and an old cotton shirt lying around, you can.

Click on the FAQs below to learn about the #SOYBFaceMaskChallenge.

Let's Get Sewing!

What is the #SOYBFaceMaskChallenge about?

The Shirt Off Your Back Face Mask Challenge is a challenge from our team at King & Bay to all sewers to make face masks that can be worn by you, your family and your neighbours in your communities.

For more information, CLICK HERE ›

Why participate?

Our frontline health workers are faced with a shortage of surgical grade masks. By producing ones at home for you and your family members, the existing supply can be reserved for our health care workers in the fight against COVID-19. 

If it's not medical grade, how does a home made face mask help?

Any face mask helps keep your [potentially] dirty hands away from your mouth and nose – two of the easy 'entry' points for any virus like COVID-19. This is helpful for you, your family and your friends. The goal is to help NOT deplete the supply of medical grade face masks – keeping them in the hands of front line workers. WATCH VIDEO ›

What do you need to to get started?

We've assembled an easy-to-follow video to guide you in making face masks. WATCH VIDEO ›

You'll need a sewing machine and a few supplies. You can also stitch by hand if you don't have a sewing machine.

  • An old shirt or cotton fabric (A breathable fabric, like cotton is preferred, but you can also us polycotton, wool or linen. We don't recommend nylon or plastic fabrics.) 
  • Needle and thread
  • ¼ inch elastic band
  • Pipe wire or twist ties 
  • Coffee filter or vacuum bag filter

For step-by-step directions, CLICK HERE ›

Is a home made mask easy to clean?

As long as you use a washable fabric, yes. And, it's recommended to wash it daily.

Remember to remove the filter paper first, and replace after washing. WATCH VIDEO ›

How can you use Social Media to spread the word?

Challenge 10 of your friends to create a mask and be sure to include #SOYBfacemaskchallenge.

Are you collecting stories?

Yes! We'd love to see your creations, photos of the people you've made them for, and the stories.

CLICK HERE to submit a photo and a comment... and we'll spread your words and acts of kindness.


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